McLean High School

Class of 1970 ENTRIES


Pat (Abbot) Thistlewaite

1990 Entry:Over the years, weíve all said NEVER:

Iíve said:

"Iíll never work for a large corporation."...Xerox Corporation , 7 years; Siemens Communications System, 9 months.

"Iíll never marry a a man named Harold." "Chip", 7 1/2 years.

"Iíll never get another beagle."...Skipper, 5 years.

"Iíll never be watching Sesame Street."...Kelsey Ann, 2 years.

"Iíll never leave Northern Virginia."...Boca Raton, Florida, 14 months

"Iíll never lose touch with old friends."...You know who you are.

"Iíll never write something like for a 20 year reunion book"

In the past 20 years, Iíve learned never say "never." If I never show up, have a great 20th year reunion!


Claire (Alderman) Pratt

1995 Entry: I am currently serving as Christian Education Consultant for the Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge. I completed my masters degree in early Childhood Education from Kean College in 1991. My husband, Roger, continues to work for Prudential, as a portfolio manager of commercial real estate investments. My children are David, 16, Andrew, 13, and Mary, 10--- all involved in music and sports.

Roger Allen

1990 Entry: I am living in suburban Atlanta where I work for the Southern Co. in the he public relations department. Iíve been married since 1977 to JoAnn , who is an accountant. We have no children. I graduated from the University Georgia, with a BBA in Marketing in 1974 and La. State in 1976 with a Masterís in Journalism. In my spare time, I sing in the church choir, play golf and tennis and attend Georgia Bulldog football games.

1995 Entry: In the last four years, our lives were changed with the arrival of our daughter, Michelle. Sheís now a four-year old blonde with blue eyes, who loves pre-school, swimming, dancing, Barbie dolls and Disney movies. Weíre getting used to her whirlwind pace, and when she is out of the house, it seems "too quiet". (Have to go now --- sheís screaming for Daddy"!)

Bruce Baker

1995 Entry: Attourney; Vice President, Franklin United Life Insurance Company, Uniondale, NY; Registered Principal, Franklin Financial Services Corporation, Uniondale, NY.

Anne Barriault

1995 Entry: Husband (G. Randall Henniker), Job (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), Dogs (Nigel and Mary Margaret), No children (but a nice niece & nephew, Merrith Anne & Arthur Seaton Barriault), Degrees (grad.), Book (Renaissance Painting), the usual & unusual ups & downs (life).

2015 Entry Randall Henniker and I are still married and comfortably aging like a couple of old shoes, now with a 2-year-old Scottie, Sir Buster of Keaton (weíve had some wonderful cycles of dogs through the years). After 27 years at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, I resigned in 2012 to found Writing LLC (anyone need a writer/editor/art historian?). Published Moroccan Musings, based on my travel experiences there, in 2013. Randall is painting better than ever. Niece and nephew, Merruth and Arthur, are in grad school and college. Weíre in Richmond,VA but Iím in McLean just as often these days, looking in on my now 93-year-old mom, Wanda. Hope to see many of you at the 2010 reunion.

Eugene Beach

1990 Entry: Firefighter for Fairfax County Fire Dept., Station #12 "C" Shift (703) 759-2300; Petty Officer, First Class, US Coast Guard, Port Securityman; Address: 6541 Tucker Avenue, McLean, VA 22101 Phone: (703) 356-7942

Laurie (Bean) Cameron

1990 Entry: Iím always amazed at how much I still remember about High School after 20 years. I completed my BA in 1974 and moved to northern Colorado. For 4 years I worked for several commuter airlines, got my pilotís license, worked in and managed a travel agency, and spent a year with the FAA. In 1982 I was married to Don Cameron. We moved to San Jose, California where I presently work at Apple Computer, Inc. managing the facilities at our television studio/production house. Iím looking forward to seeing everyone!

Cathy Beasley

1990 Entry: Want to receive a million dollars? Several months ago, an old monk found a relic near the Via del Mall in Arlington. It inspired him to begin this chain letter in the hopes of bringing even more happiness to millions of worthy Americans. All you have to do is send a cashierís check for $599.95 to the 5 names on this list and you will receive a millions dollars within a week. Itís a miracle! It really works! Here are the names: Bob Smith, John Brown, Bob Greene, Bill Jones, and John Metzger. Send c/o Resident, 1810 Clovermeadow Drive, Vienna, Va. 22812.

John Beaudry

2010 EntryI unfortunately will once again be unable to participate in our class reunion because of my assignment to Dakar, Senegal.  My next posting this fall will be in Washington but my successor will not arrive in Dakar until late August so Iím stuck until then and if he doesnít pass his French exam I might be here until Oct. 

Rita (Benko) Farley

1995 Entry: Traveled around a lot after high school, from Washington State to South Florida and eventually ended up in Texas. Married (second time) to a 6' 5" typical Texan who looks like Sam Elliott. Hobbies include gambling, suntanning and partying (still). Work as a Loan Officer for a mortgage company.

Janice Blakney

2000 Entry: Two great and grown kids (daughter and son.) Colorado has been home since 1975.** Keeping music in my life and added dance.* Check my website at

Cory Boyan

1990 Entry: Greetings from the coast! Iím married & living in beautiful Santa Rose, California. My wifeís name is Maureen, and our children are Hale, 4, and Andrew, 2. I miss all you guys. Wish we could be there with you. Hope you have a great time! Iíll be thinking of you - and Iíll see you at the 40th!

Bobby Boyd

1990 Entry: Itís hard to believe it has been 20 years since high school graduation. At the time, those 4 years in high school seemed like an eternity. Those 4 years are long behind. Now is the best time of my life. Best wishes.

William (Bill) Brown

2015 Entry: Thank you so much for sending me the invitation to attend this year's McLean High School class reunion.  I wanted to let you know that I will not be able to attend this year.  I very much appreciate your taking it upon yourself to keep our classmates in touch and to organize these reunions.  I have enjoyed reading the updates you post and learning how others have made their way in the world.  Several of our classmates have some rather impressive accomplishments.

Unfortunately for me, I have only been able to attend one of the reunion celebrations.  After graduating from college I began a law enforcement and aviation career as a Department of Justice federal agent and then later as a pilot.  That took me on assignments throughout the world and resulted in five career transfers; the last of which was to Dallas, Texas.  I stayed in the Dallas area after my retirement with my wonderful and supporting wife of 40 years.  I have two children, both of whom also reside in Texas.


I occasionally have some consulting work in Washington, D.C.  I'm going to keep the reunion dates in mind and will certainly let you know if things change and I can attend.


Claire Butler Rosenberger

2015 Entry: I was only at McLean for a half year, after being ďasked to leaveĒ OíConnell in the middle of my junior year for some heinous offense (so I guess Jan 1969). It was quite a culture shock, having been in Catholic school all my life. I had the distinction of being probably the only person at McLean ever caught skipping English class (everyone did it and NO ONE ever got caught!). I also started a petition to have the dress code changed so girls could wear pants to school, which went nowhere when I was there. I switched to a different school the following year, but I heard that the dress code was changed that year, so I take partial credit for it! I was definitely part of the counter culture while I was at McLean.

Bonnie Butcher

2000 Entry: As of this writing (July 7, 2000) I am living in Gulf Breeze, Florida where I have resided since 1981. I moved to this area to attend University of West Florida and get my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology which I completed in 1982. I was hired quickly by a large community mental health center and have been working there since 1982 in various capacities but mostly
specializing in alcohol and drug rehab with adolescents and their families.  For the last 2 yrs I have been working in the private practice branch of the Center doing outpatient therapy with adolescents, families and adults with varying mental health and substance abuse ailments.

My parents moved from Warner Ave in McLean to the Pensacola (close to Gulf Breeze) area in 1972 and my dad retired here. They spent their last days very happily here enjoying their grandchildren and the Gulf of Mexico (My dad loved the golf here which he played three times a week with his buddies they called the "Wild Bunch").  Mom died of cancer in 1992 and dad died of a heart attack in 1993. It is hard to be an orphan but my brother and his wife and two girls are also here, as well as a few cousins, Aunts and Uncle so it has
become our new family home.

I am happily raising my son, an awesome 13 yr old boy, Spencer, who loves basketball and hates the Backstreet Boys. His dad is living in Louisville, Kentucky and we get along well. Spencer gets to see him in the summer. His father is also from Virginia (Lexington) and a graduate of Washington and Lee University so our boy has roots on both sides in Virginia.

After high school graduation, I attended and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, graduating in 1974 with a degree in Social Work. From ''74 thru '' 81, I traveled back and forth across the country exploring and living and working between Denver, Florida, California and Virginia.

I am looking forward to the next milennium with great anticipation and expect to stay as young and vibrant as always. Cant wait to see everyone again at our 30th High School reunion. God Bless.

Neil Burgess

1995 Entry: Wife, Terri, and two daughters.

2000 Entry: I have been married for 20 years (wife Terri) and we have two daughters.
Since college (VA Tech) I have spent my business career in the healthcare
industry working for several large public corporations and running a
consulting business for joint ventures. Currently, I am COO and a principal
with a private company that owns and operates MRI centers.

Leslie (Cason) Gerard

1990 Entry: Like a "bad penny," I keep ending up in the Washington area!! I moved here (again) from Paris, France 6 years ago. After teaching high school French for a year in Prince Georgeís County, I worked for the next 5 years as a technical writer and trainer for Main Frame Computer Systems. Now, I am back in college at GMU getting a second bachelorís degree and will graduate in May of 1991 with a BS in Nursing. My son, Geoffrey, will be a senior in high school this year in Charleston, SC where he lives with his dad. Hard to believe itís been 20 years since we were seniors!! I hope that all my classmates are happy and healthy!

Dana (Cherbonneaux) Sparrow

1990 Entry: Occupation: C&P Telephone Co.

Children: Travis 12, April 11

Husband: Dave, married 18 years.

Live in Mechanicsville, VA (Richmond)

Patricia G. Childers

1990 Entry: Living at the Jersey Shore (Brick, NJ). Divorced, no children. Served in US Army 1970-72. Positions held since Army: Legal Staff Asst. with General Services Admin, Wash, DC; Computer Data Manager with Transax Data Corp, Wash, DC; Program Asst. with DOD US Army, Position Location Reporting Systems, Ft. Monmouth, NJ; Paralegal Specialist & Freedom of Information Act Officer, DOD, US Army, Ft. Monmouth, NJ; Currently attending Brick Computer Sciences Institute (Computer Operations.)

Joseph Collins, Fr.

1990 Entry: Greetings, classmates! After attending GMU for 3 years, then working for 1 1/2 years at the post office in Merrifield, I entered a traditional Catholic seminary in 1975, and was ordained a priest in Switzerland on June 27, 1980 by the now-excommunicated French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. I say the pre-Vatican II Mass in Latin (God bless Mrs. Elizabeth White and Mrs. Grace Carter!) for various groups of Catholics in Florida and elsewhere. In case youíre keeping track of the goings-on within the Catholic Church, I am one of a rare breed known as sede vacantists, who do not recognize the present Pope.

Janie (Cromartie) Triantis

1990 Entry: I am a certified fitness instructor, teaching aerobics and aquatic aerobics. I also do private instructions and attend seminars all over the country. I have been married for 14 1/2 years and have a beautiful 4 year-old daughter.

1995 Entry: I am in my 10th year of being an exercise instructor. I teach a wide variety of classes from water aerobics, senior exercise, muscle conditioning, and have just started some personal training. It is a very rewarding career.

Amy (Decker) Zuppas

2015 Entry: I am an Interior Designer specializing in Model Home Design, working in Elkridge MD.  My husband of 25 years and I have a fantastic son that will be finishing college next year.  So happy to hear from some classmates via Facebook.  In April I will be traveling to Australia to see Duffy ReganÖaka Kathy Burchard.  We have kept in touch over the years and see each other when she comes to the States to see her family.

Life is goodÖcertainly DONíT feel the 45 years that have passed!!!!  (well maybe a few!)

Jacqueline "Jackie" Dellinger

1990 Entry: Post MHS Education: BA in English 1971 with high distinction, GMU; MA in English 19980, Summa Cum Laude, GMU; .D. 1986, GMU School of Law

Employment: 7/1/90 - Present: Law Partner - Clayton, Wilcos, Vergara, & Dellinger..Burke, VA.

7/1/88-6/30/90- Senior law partner, Dellinger & Haurilak, P.C., Fairfax, VA

9/86-7/1/88: Sole practitioner...Fairfax, Va

General practice of law specializing in domestic relations (divorce, separation, adoption, support, custody and visitation) and Juvenile Law

Prior Employment: Public information officer/news Liaison NASA, Washington DC.

Victor Diem

2015 Entry:  After graduation from MHS in 1971, I returned to Vietnam and studied in New Zealand. I worked in a Bank in NZ and then left in 1985 for an international posting as a banker in the Philippines for 20 years. At the end of this career, I semi retired in 2005 but worked as International Financial Consultant. I now play golf 3 times a week and work as a volunteer for many charities in NZ. I live in the capital, Wellington (sunny but windy Hobbit country) and have plenty of free time. If you ever visit Wellington, do not forget to get in touch. I can provide some local guidance to the City and country."

 Steffi Domike

1990 Entry: Over the past 20 years I have been a maniac with a mission--worked in a steel mill for over 5 years; now produce television about unions. My daughter, Alexandra, is now 3 1/2 years old--a maniac without a mission, yet. Unfortunately, most of the people I remember seem to be on the list of "Lost Souls." I hope some of you are found--I believe that reunions are good for a community--especially ours which hardly exists...I live happily in Pittsburgh, PA with Larry, the love of my life...Please call if youíre in town; Iím still the only Domike in the book. Steffi

2000 Entry: I am an assistant professor of Art at Chatham College in Pittsburgh, PA where I teach computer imaging and graphic design. My artwork over the past decade has moved from video documentary to interactive, electronic media arts, usually combined with performance and/or installation work. To see the latest work, go to, and/or Iím married to Larry and have a 13 year old daughter, a 23 year old stepdaughter and a 1-year old grand-daughter! Can't make the reunion because of a commitment to show Terminal Time at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans, but hello to all of you and will try to make it in five years.

Kathy Drake

1995 Entry: Iíve lived in Oregon since 1972. Iím married to Mark Lacey. We met in community theater and were in several plays together. Soon after we were married, we built a log cabin in the Wallowa mountains in Eastern Oregon. We used a burro to haul the logs. We try to spend as much time as possible at our cabin. It has no electricity or phone. You have to hike to get there. We have cold running water and a two-seater outhouse with a view of Mt. Joseph. It is truly a retreat!

Iíve taught first and second grade for 17 years and Iím presently taking a break. Iím turning my attention to art. My work has been in a few galleries in Portland.

Mark and I live in Portland with our dog, Ted Wilson.

Anita (Ehrmantraut) Storino

2015 Entry: I was at McLean just my freshman year but have a history with numbers of you through St. Johnís, Longfellow and Chesterbrook Pool.  After leaving McLean I went to OíConnell then on to VCU for a B.S. (English Education) and M.Ed.  (Administration & Supervision).  I have remained in Richmond.

 Personally: Married, divorced.  Married, widowed.  Married Ė still.  Finally got kids (step-kids) this time and now grandkids.  In my retirement I have become an amateur ornithologist who enjoys travel, gardening, photography, weight lifting (machines), and yes, I still like swimming.

 Professionally: Spent my career in public K-12 education: English/Spanish teacher, staff development trainer, English specialist, assistant principal and retired as principal of the ďalternativeĒ (aka bad kids) high school.  It was fun, and I felt I made a difference.  I was also a ďby-marriageĒ restaurant owner as that was my late husbandís business.

 So glad to have caught up a number of you on Facebook and would love to connect with more.  Canít make this yearís reunion as I will be in NC with the grandkids, but hopefully for the 50th!

Jim Elkins

2015 Entry Iím married to Sally, living and working in Boulder, Colorado.  I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1974 with a B.A. in Physics.  There were no jobs in astronomy in 1970s, so I decided to study the earth in 1974.  I earned a Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1979 in Applied Physics and did a oceanographic thesis (yup, spent a lot of time at sea).  I worked at the National Bureau of Standards as a research physicist in Gaithersburg, Maryland from 1979 to 1986.   I had a wonderful experience on the Research Vessel, Calypso, a U.S. WWII minesweeper studying pollution on the Amazon River in Brazil with Jacques Cousteau in 1983.  A dream trip for a lifetime!!  

I then took a job at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boulder starting in 1986 to the present.   I work on stratospheric ozone depletion, climate change, and air quality issues as head of a group of ten scientists monitoring trace gas concentration changes around the world over time.  Hopefully, Iím making a difference for the better.   Lately, I have been using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) to monitor the atmosphere, and getting exposed to new technology.   None of mine have flown over the Capital or White House.  Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks.  Aviation is in our familyís blood, I have built aircraft sensors since 1991 for manned and unmanned aircraft for NASA and NOAA.  I have one son that is a pilot for United Express.  

 In fact, we have four adult sons and recently received our first grandson from our oldest son and daughter-in-law.   I have way too many hobbies.  I have done a great deal of traveling (Russia, Trans-Siberian Train, China, Turkey, Europe, Antarctica, etc.) because of the job.  Working for the government is not all that bad, and living away from DC is helpful.   I still love astronomy.   I hope to reconnect with old high school friends in the reunion.   Colorado is a wonderful place and I hope that you can visit it someday (low humidity and over 300 days of sunshine--although not this year!!).

 Rosemary T. Enright

1995 Entry: After graduating MHS, I attended William and Mary where I met a law student, Don Coulter, whom I later married. I attended the University of Virginia Medical School and did a Family Practice Residency. My husband has a general law practice in Manassas and I am in private practice in Staford, VA. We have 2 sons, Ken, age 10 and Jay, age 7, and the whole family is involved in Boy Scouts.

Kimberly (Esch) Scott

1990 Entry: Since high school I received a BA from Indiana University. I married Neil in 1975 and we have 2 children; Blair (13) and Lindsay (8). Iíve worked on and off for the past 15 years at various jobs and doing volunteer work. We live in Speedway, Indiana where I drive a mini-van, have 2 cats, and am currently Vice President of the PTA. Is that a suburban housewife, or what? Happy 20th to all!!

John Fienup

1990 Entry: Unfortunately, being stationed in Japan prevents me from attending the reunion. My high points since Ď70 have been marriage to Mary Beaudry (MHS Ď73), birth of son Joe (8) and daughter Catherine (5) and 15 years as a Naval Officer. Weíll be transferred to DC area in December and hope to see some of you. Enjoy the party!

Kathie (Foust) Ingoglia

1990 Entry: Hi Everyone! Hard to believe itís been 20 years! I have had a great life since high school days...a wonderful husband, Mark, to whom Iíve been married 16 years... An unbelievable 2 yr. 8 mo. old daughter, Alixe, and a brand new house and a recent promotion to a re/director position with the retail firm Iíve been with for 15 years. What more can I say? Though Iíve never been at a loss for words, Iíd like to save some for the reunion!! Weíre really looking forward to it!

1995 Entry: Still crazy, married (21 years to Mark), a mom (of a great 7 year old daughter, Alixe), happy, and gainfully employed with the Bon Ton Stores, Inc (20 years --- currently Divisional VP of Selling & Customer Service).

2000 Entry: Hi all! Here we are in a new century and the world continues to go around - simply a miracle! I'm still living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with my wonderful husband, Mark, of 26 years, fantastic daughter, Alixe, who is 12 going on some age way beyond, 2 daschunds and a parakeet. Life is great when you love and are loved! Work is interesting, but a lot less important.

Here's to our 30th!

2015 Entry:  - Greetings MHS Classmates of 1970!! 45 years? That's just plain ridiculous - I know I don't look that old! :)

Life is great - still in Lancaster County (PA), retired from The Bon-Ton (retail) in 2001 after 26+ years - I thought the timing was right considering we had our only (Alixe) beginning high school and wanted to be around more for all that fun. The reality was I did need to work, so I decided to pursue teaching, which was my intent coming out of college. Long story short, I became a secondary (12th grade only) teacher for Career Education and just completed my 11th year. I (again) love what I do, which is one of my major messages to my students! If you wake up every morning and can't wait to get to "work", you've made a choice that's right for you! Along the way I had to get my Master's so I did....Workforce Development from Penn State. Gotta love summers off....not sure when I'll retire again....certainly in time for our 50th reunion!

Husband Mark of 41 years is doing well - despite that last birthday of his, he's bent on continuing to seek out contract training (proprietary software/systems) positions - in fact, he begins a new "gig" next week!

Our fantastic kid, Alixe, owns a bakery here in Columbia. What a blessing to have our child so close! She opened "The Flour Child" (cute, right?) 5 1/2 years ago and is having a blast - she's really one of the coolest people I know - check out her talent at - I truly do not know where she gets it - I can't draw a stick figure! Alixe married Joe Hemerly in March of 2014 at the beach in DE. That was an exciting time in our lives (my Mom was the flower girl :) and they made it through their first year of marriage with flying colors!

Hoping to make it to the 45th!

Tim Friedlander

1995 Entry: Lynn Galletly and I were married in 1978 (no kids), and lived in Texas for over 10 years while completing degrees and taking jobs in biology. After one year in Louisiana, we moved back to the D.C. area in 1990, just in time for our 20th reunion. Lynn still works for the Food & Drug admin., and Tim is still doing research at the University of Maryland, College Park. Our most significant changes/additions over the past 5 years are: 1) We bought a house, and have put down roots; 2) Weíve become heavily involved in music, Tim with his flute playing, and Lynn with Handbells and piano. We enjoyed meeting many of you, our former classmates, 5 years ago, and look forward to renewed acquaintances this year!

2000 Entry: With Lynn's full support, a little over 3 years ago (1997), I left my position with the Center for Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Maryland, College Park, to pursue a career in music. Since then I have been teaching and performing (flute) and tuning pianos. I am the flute instructor at the Hosford School of Music in Gaithersburg, MD, and perform regularly as a soloist in the Washington, DC, area. I am principal flute with the Trinity Chamber Orchestra (Georgetown) and play in two chamber groups: Trio Joyoso (woodwinds) and the Silverwinds flute quartet. In the summer I direct the Gaithersburg Flute Camp, teach privately, and attend/give Masterclasses. This will be my last year (2000) as Vice President of the Flute Society of Washington.

Lynn (Galletly) and Tim Friedlander

2000 Entry: I continue working at the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine where I am a senior review physiologist in the Division of Human Food Safety and Leader of the Residue Evaluation Team. This February I traveled to Geneva to work with the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), as a consultant to the Secretariat. In the non-work area, I continue my interest in piano and, with much encouragement from my teacher, have finally gotten up the nerve to play in her year end recital. If you think following the animal act on the show bill is tough, try following a bunch of cute kids playing their little hearts out! On the positive side, I can always count on a piano that is in tune!

2015 EntryLynn is now finishing up her career at FDA, and does a fair amount of foreign travel as a food safety expert.  Tim has been out of science for almost 20 years now.  He still teaches flute and performs in the DC area as a soloist, chamber musician, and principal flute of the Trinity Chamber Orchestra.  Lynn and Tim have taken up birding.  Cheers, Tim Friedlander

Art Goodier

1990 Entry: Some of the stupid things we did in high school seem to haunt us forever. We may still do stupid things, but now we can deal with them better- then get them behind us. Our biggest challenge is in trying to help our children avoid the same (or worse) mistakes. Letís stay in touch!

Nick Greksouk

1990 Entry: I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1975. After marrying my wife Patty, I spent some time in night school and became an accountant. Iím now a partner with a CPA firm in Alexandria. Patty and I have 5 children. I donít get down to Gourmetís as much as I used to.

John Hammond

2000 Entry: John B. Hammond, Jr. University of New Hampshire, BA, History, 1974, and commissioned in the United States Army as an infantry officer. Assignments included Fort Benning, GA, Fort Dix, NJ, Fort Ord, CA, and duty in Germany, Korea, and the Pentagon. Retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1994. Married to Rosemary (Bischoff) in 1982. One child, daughter Laurie Kathleen (1987). Currently employed by MPRI, a defense contractor firm in Alexandria, VA, and I am working as an instructor at the Army Force Management School, Fort Belvoir, VA. I also serve on the School Board for Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School in Glen Burnie, MD. Our home is in Severn, MD.

2010 Entry: Just doing all the regular "stuff" - still living in the suburbs between Baltimore and Washington and taking the train and Metro
to work at the Pentagon; wife, Rosemary, and I celeb
rated our 28th wedding anniversary this summer; daughter, Laurie, graduated from
college last year and graduate school this year and is now job hunting for an elementary school teaching position; and, my mid-life crisis was to get a motorcycle, a sport bike much bigger than the Honda I had in high school.  Haven't done Sturgis, but did ride the Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway to North Carolina and back and took a lap around Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.  Spectacular country!  Wishing all the best!

2015 Entry: Still living at the same address (1580 Provincial Lane, Severn, MD 21144); still the same email;  still working in the Pentagon (Headquarters, Department of the Army, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, Force Management Division); and, still riding motorcycles (not the Honda 125SS in the yearbook but a Kawasaki ZX-11 sport bike). All the "normal" stuff since my last update - daughter, Laurie, graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland (BA, History and MA in Teaching) and she got married. No grandchildren, yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. Built our retirement home, a log cabin, in the mountains of western Maryland at Deep Creek Lake. We plan to move out there in three years so I'll give you updated address/email/phone before the 50th reunion!

Nancy (Hampton) Nikolai

1990 Entry: Married; 3 children (2 boys 17 & 15; 1 girl 13); Since graduation have lived in California, Wisconsin and back to Northern Virginia; Work in telecommunications (ROLM Systems Engineer); Doing just fine!

2000 Entry: Life continues to get more interesting every year. I remarried 6 years ago and moved west to the quaint but growing little town of Round Hill, Va. I commute to Reston every morning to my primary employment for the last 16 years with Siemens (telecomm administrator) for a full day and then west again in the evening to do my "fun job". I have been a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for 6 years and work at Lifeline Chiropractic Center in Purcellville, VA evenings and Saturday by appointment. Along with therapeutic work I specialize and teach Pregnancy Massage and have attended numerous births in the last 4 years following coursework for DOULA certification (birthing assistant). As I said life is never boring. I have 3 grown children, Jesse 27 and Cory 25 living in the area. My daughter Eva 24 married and moved to Japan and so I guess that will be my next vacation.  My husband and I are very active in Native American culture and work with the American Indian Society Powwows, which help sponsor college scholarships for native youth education. Matt and I are also on the Native American inaugural ball committee. We have been active in coordinating Native American programs and storytelling presentations to schools and libraries over the past several years. Although my children are grown, I have 4 other dependents, 2 chihuahuas (Elli & Schnitzel) and 1 doberman mix (Chester) as well as a cat who thinks she is a dog. We have established a fish tank this year and "Talker", our cat, is thrilled. My next project (should go on for years) is fixing up a very, very old house while living in it. Regards to all my former classmates. Can you believe it is 2000?

Steve Harner

1990 Entry: Doiní fine.

Tom Huff

1990 Entry: Married July 31, 1976; Wife: Mary Lou. Two sons - Erik 10, Michael 6.; President - Tomís Associates Inc. - Foreign & Domestic Automotive Repair Service Motor Fuels, Towing & Ryder Truck Rental. Iím presently attending Indiana University of PA working towards my teaching degree. Hobbies: Hang-gliding, water skiing, snow skiing. I collect antiques and antique clocks.

2000 ENTRY: Mary Lou and I will be celebrating our 24 anniversary this July 31, she's been my compass and continues to be my friend and lover, and at the same time being the best Mother on the planet. Erik, 20 will be a sophomore at Washington & Jefferson College this fall. He is playing Football for them (They were the 1999 PAC champions- NCAA playoffs). He is majoring in Biology, raises Tarantulas and is a member of the Fraternity Phi Gama Delta (fiji).  Mike, 16 will be entering his sophomore year of high school. He plays JV &
Varsity Soccer Basketball and Baseball for the high school. He is an A student, plays drums, guitar and keyboard and is becoming an accomplished pool player. He'll also be driving soon.  In March of 1998 I sold my business of 23 years and accepted a position as
an Automotive Trades instructor with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. All that remains is to get Erik & Mike through college and retire to our property in Punta Gorda Florida.

2010 EntryI'm still with the PA Dept of Corrections I've taken up woodworking and last year built a Grand Father Clock.  I'm also in the process of restoring a 1952 MG TD,  Mary Lou and I are still married, 34 years this July 31,

We've also been doing a lot of camping/RVing. Mary Lou who has made a wonderful recovery from her heart attack of June 09, has informed me that Florida is out since Erik And his wife Christie have provided us with 2 grand children and one on the way this November she says that she wants 8, God bless her.  Michael graduated from IUP and has been subbing while waiting for a full time teaching position to open up.

Barbara (Idso) Blankenship

2000 Entry: I wonder if I am the only Grandma from our class? My husband and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this August. We have 5 children, the oldest is 28, the youngest is 19. We have 6, almost 7 grandchildren. Number 7 is due in Feb. I will be unable to attend the reunion, but am looking forward to hearing all about it, and getting the addresses and phone numbers of classmates.

Kris Iverson

1990 Entry: I have 16+ years in the Navy with the Seabeeís. My family and I have lived in California for those 16 years. My wife attended Langley HS. We have 2 sons, Ivan & Samuel. My oldest son, Ivan, has been an actor for quite awhile. He has been in numerous plays, two commercials, an educational film and one full-length movie.

Linda J. Jackie

2000 Entry: Since graduating from McLean High School, which seems like a short time ago, I've gotten a BS in Business Administration and MS in Information Systems from George Mason University. I worked for the U.S. Department of Justice for 14 years as an auditor, eventually specializing in auditing information technology. I currently work for the U.S. Navy Department, and have done so
since 1989. I am the Audit Director for Information Technology Audits in the Navy. I've also been the project manager for the effort to develop a Management Information System for the Department of Defense audit organizations, which included the Army, Navy, Air Force and Department of Defense Inspector General. I recently received the Department of the Navy's Superior Civilian Service award for my achievements on this special project.

I still live in the area, as does most of my immediate family. I value and appreciate my time with my family and friends and time away from the office.  I enjoy the whole world of computers and not only use them at work but also enjoy using them at home. For the past 18 years or so, I've enjoyed by childhood dream of riding and owning a horse. I've had a fantastic time learning and experiencing the enjoyment of the world of horses which is a whole world unto itself. The whole horse experience has been a major stress buster for me. I enjoyed the companionship of several cats over the years.  Currently I have three ranging from 1-15 in years. I also enjoy doing crafts, but for now have not had the time I used to have to devote to this.  I especially appreciate my closeness to my family and enjoy many activities and experiences with them. I have also been very blessed with a few but very true and good friends.

Janice (Jackson) McComas

2010 Entry:   I still live in the McLean area with my husband Bob and our Golden Retriever Ė Dakota!  My daughter Alyson is living in Orlando, FL going to college and coaching Volleyball for the Orlando Volleyball Academy.  She wants to become a Physical Therapist and is current majoring in Health Services Ė Pre-clinical at the University of Central Florida.  Most of our family live in Florida so we enjoy frequent trips south to visit all of them.  My husband Bob is a freelance Photographer who works out of our home.  Check out his website at    I currently work for BAE Systems in Herndon as a Senior Technical Project Manager in the Project Management Office.  When not working or traveling for work,  I enjoy working out at the gym, reading and cooking. 

2015 Entry:  The last five years have been ones of big changes in the McComas household!  My husband Bob and I moved to Titusville, FL (Cape Canaveral area) in 2012 from our home on Westmoreland Street in McLean Ė the same house I lived in during high school!  Sequestration was the word of the day and we were unable to sell the house so we rented it out for a year.  We were finally able to sell it last year for a good price so the yearlong wait ended up being worth it!  Iíve been with BAE Systems out of Herndon, VA since 2007.  In 2011 I got approved to telecommute and thatís when we started moving south.  Iím a Senior Project Manager heading up the larger projects for the company IT organization.  Keeps me busy!  We have really enjoyed living in the Space Coast of Florida enjoying the rocket launches, the beaches and our pool.  Two of my brothers live close by (one across the street) so I enjoy spending time with them.  My daughter Alyson is a Chef at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando adjacent to the Convention Center and is doing well.  She just bought her first home in Cocoa so we see her often.  We are still diehard Redskin fans and are looking forward to football season.  Unfortunately they rarely cover the games down here so we have found a couple of bars in the area where we can watch the games.  I hope you all have a great reunion and blessings to all of you!!

David Jillson

1990 Entry: I am doing just fine, thank you. My wife Chris and I live in Reston where we have our hands full with our son Kyle, whoís "four and fwee quarters." See you in 10-15 years. David

2000 Entry: Hello ladies and fellow middle-aged old farts,

No major upheavals around me since 1990. My lovely wife Christine and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last year, and our 14 year-old son Kyle starts high school this Fall. Weíre embarking on the "Journey Through the Center of the Teenage Years," which, as we know, are harder for parents today than they were for our parents in the Ď60s (although they might disagree). We still live in Reston, having made numerous home improvements that we couldíve enjoyed more 10 years ago. We also have a dog who can, at times, be considered not much of an improvement.

The Reston/Herndon area seems on the verge of becoming the major high-tech employment center on the East Coast Ė not much use to me, though, since I work for Fairfax County. In 1994, I left my previous job as a landscape architect with the Fairfax County Park Authority for an exciting career as a land use planner with the Countyís Department of Planning and Zoning.

For fun, we enjoy family camping trips Ė Grand Canyon, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Cape Hatteras Ė mixed with outdoor activities Ė hiking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding. My son and I visited Disneyworld in í94 (which I did enjoy, Iím not ashamed to admit), and weíve been to Dallas to visit with my brother Andy (MHS í72) and his family. We are computerized now, my wife and I occasionally getting to use the computer when my son isnít blowing away aliens on the Internet. We also have a cell phone (I am ashamed to admit).

I donít see too many MHS alumni. I bump into John Frye on an all-too-irregular basis in Reston (Hey John, how many days till school starts?), and I cross paths with Jeff Kidwell here at Fairfax County. One MHS alum I met, through my job, graduated in í59 along with MHSí most famous graduate Ė Aldrich Ames, the CIA spy!

Nothing exciting enough to base a 3-night mini-series on, but Iím having a great time.

See you in 2010.

Deborah (Johnson) Barlett

2015 Entry: Married since 1972 to Richard Barlett (a graduate of Falls Church H.S. í69), two wonderful sons (ages 37 & 33) married to beautiful women and building lovely lives together.  Three grandsons who we are blessed to spend lots of our leisure time.    Relocated to Richmond, VA, following Ricís military service, never thinking we would be here ďforeverĒ but our family took root here and here we stay.  Lots of highs and lows but grateful for the life we have shared and looking forward to our senior years together (though it seems to have happened overnight).  I will retire during the Fall semester after 28 years of service at the University of Richmond Law School Library.  Very excited to begin this phase of the journey. 

 I would love to hear from high school friends Ė feel free to email me or Facebook.  Sadly, I was not one to stay in touch after we moved to California in those early married years.   I have many good memories of our shared high school years.  Best wishes for a terrific 45th reunion.

Sandy (Jones) Booth

1995 Entry: Graduated from V.P.I. & S.U. in 1975. Married for almost 20 years to Tim Booth. Mother of 3 children; Ashley,15, Katie,12, David,7. Work for the FCPS Parenting Education Center for the past 14 years as a Program Specialist. Hobbies include horseback riding & showing, collecting antiques, travelling when possible.

Joe Keller

1990 Entry: Married Jean Krzyzewski in 1978, one son - Kyle Brandon now 2 1/2 (best accomplishment to date) Just celebrated my 20th year of government service. We spent 4 years fighting Communism in East Asia and Eastern Europe - which largely amounted to blowing the smoke from our mesquite grilled burgers and steaks through their enormous food lines. Coasting towards retirement and the possibility of getting a real job now that weíre running out of commies to kick around. Thanks to all of you for 20+ years of good memories.

1995 Entry: Greetings to all and best wishes for a happy 25th reunion from the Land Down Under. I wish I could make the reunion but fate has thrown Jean, Kyle and I into Canberra, Australia for the next couple of years. We are 3 hours from Sydney and 6 from Melbourne. Only 2 hours to great beaches and winter skiing. It is really beautiful here. As always, our door is open for visitors if youíre planning a trip. Call me at home (011-61-6-296-1786) or at the Embassy (011-61-6-270-5944). Have fun and hope to see you at the next reunion.

2015 Entry: I have been remiss in updating my bio for quite a few years.  I will try to keep this short, although much can happen in 25 years!

 After retiring from the CIA in 1995, I worked another 15 years at the National Reconnaissance Office.  I lived in Centerville and South Riding at the time.

 During our last reunion, I was in the process of moving to Florida with my wife, Jean, and son, Kyle.  We initially moved to the Orlando area (too hot); then, to Palm Coast (too old); and, finally settled in Jacksonville near the beach (just perfect).  The beach is where I always should have been.

 I have been enjoying retirement and, thanks to Facebook, have reconnected with many of you, along with friends from my past.  I also have many new friends I have met from writing short stories.  Most of the stories are funny with many about growing up in McLean and Falls Church area in the 50ís and 60ís.  It seems a lot of people relate to the stories and they bring back memories of happier days.  In fact, I will be meeting with a group of women who became best of friends from reading my stories, in McLean, during the reunion weekend.  I have never met them before and am very excited to get to know them in person.    

 I only have one story about McLean High and that had to do with our Senior Talent Show and the prank that ended it in a glorious fashion.  It is simply called, ďThe Senior PrankĒ and can be viewed under my ďNotesĒ section on Facebook, along with many of my other stories.  I have a goal to get them all compiled into a book soon.

Speaking of Facebook, I opened up a page devoted to the Class of 1970 and hope that all of you keep us up to date with events in your lives as well as memories from school.  The way I see it, we were like The Beatles.  We all went on to do great things on our own, but we were never better than when we were together at McLean.

Mary Kennedy

1990 Entry: It took me approximately 12 years to get going since 1970. In the last 8 years, I got married, had 1 beautiful daughter, got divorced, started a food manufacturing company called "More than Foods", took it to a national level and am now selling it. I had no idea that I was capable of anything in high school.

2000 Entry: I am working for Gaiam, now a part of Whole Food Market. I have been a food merchandiser and will head up the pet department down the road. We do catalogs and e-commerce. It has been quite the experience.
My phone is 720-890-9525.  Wish I could be there so much. My 15 year old daughter is in Va. now for a visit, and is loving living near Boulder. It is like my old hippie days.  Karma revisited. Hopefully she will leave the drugs out of the picture.  Take care, love to hear from people. Mary

PS Debbie Bland is moving out here soon.

Jeffrey Kidwell

1995 Entry: Went to Va. Tech for a degree in Architecture (75) and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (77). Have been working for Fairfax County Government in Real Estate Development and Finance. In May of 1982 married a "Wahoo" (Mary Lane; a native of Arlington) who is an oncology nurse and works part time at Arlington Hospital. God has blessed us with two sons, Grant born in 1989, and Jordan in 1993. I am enjoying being a husband and father.

2015 Entry: I retired from Fairfax County Government in 2004  and have been working as a real estate appraiser since then.  I first  worked in an office in Fairfax City, but in 2009 started  working from my home office, which makes for a great commute.   My business partner also works from his home.  Isn't technology wonderful in what it allows us to do.   Both of my sons are in the area.  Grant (26), graduated from James Madison University, received a Masters in economics from George Mason University and is working and living in Arlington.  My younger son, Jordan (22),  is a senior at George Mason University  majoring in IT.  My wife and I enjoy being active in our church, McLean Bible, and stay pretty busy seeing to the needs of our elderly parents. My dad  is 96 and her mother  is 90, and both are in the area.

Linda (Kier) Hertler

1990 Entry: Greetings from Miami! Come visit anytime!!

1995 Entry: I am still teaching high school English (AP/Gifted) and have managed to maintain partial sanity. This year both of my daughters graduated --- one from high school (FSU bound), and the other from kindergarten! I would love to hear from all of you!!

Kevin Kierce

1990 Entry: Greetings! As of 21 July 1990: Married Jeannie Kuo in 1979. Megan and Michael just turned 4 yrs. We call them the tag team twins. Past BIO: Graduated w/BA degree from Randolph Macon College on the 5 year plan. Lived on and off in Taiwan. At some point in my life I worked in the Hotel Industry for 4 years, started an acupuncture clinic in NY, Center Manager for AAMCO Transmissions for 2.1/2 years, VISA USA INC, Justice Dept - Interpol for 5 1/2 years, and now am with the Dept. of Army. Tripled my house size by building an addition in 1987. Sayings that got me through the rough times: "I will win." "The sun will rise tomorrow." Best Wishes for Health and Happiness!! Kevin

1995 Entry: Iíve ridden a wild up and down ride on the roller coaster of life which now finds me posted to Taiwan until July of 1996. My wife, Jeannie and I have survived 16 years of marriage. It has been awesome!

As an extension of my fun loving carefree nature at McLean H.S., Iím reliving a second childhood with our twins, Megan and Michael, who are our best nine year old friends.

Anybody up for a yearly white water rafting party? Ski party? If Iím stateside...

Weíve made it to the post 25 year mark and we are just now hitting our stride. "Keep it up", and best wishes to you all!

2000 Entry: Are we having fun yet? I certainly am. My wife, Jeannie, has put up with my shenanigans for 28 years (21 years married), and our twins, Megan and Michael are 14 year olds, about to begin high school. While the kids were slatted to continue the tradition of attending McLean High School, however, we are about to embark on another overseas adventure - a three year posting to Athens, Greece with the foreign service. "Sounds Greek to me" is no longer a funny saying.

Working with the State Dept has enabled our family to live and travel overseas and has given use the opportunity to appreciate our U.S. culture and standard of living - we no longer take life for granted. When the fireworks go off on the Fourth of July, please remember, you are hearing the sounds of freedom! It is what I am very happy and privileged to work for.

When Stateside, we've also had the great fortune to share a number of life experiences, vacations and outdoor adventures with my good friend, Bob Pickett, who has taught my kids about fauna and flora, white water rafting, canoeing, camping (Jeannie only goes cabin camping) and fossil hunting. My kids were lucky to have their "Uncle Bob" to learn from.

It is amazing to think how we all were at McLean High School and how far we've all come while riding the roller coaster of life - great highs, scary lows but as we get older, we are now no longer holding our hands in the air, but using that safety harness and bar. Best wishes to you all.

2005 Entry:  Konichiwa classmates-San!!!  Currently posted at the US Embassy in Tokyo.  We've been enjoying some amazing overseas living experiences.  Our prior posting in Greece allowed us to visit the major cities in Europe (Paris, Rome, Venice, Madrid and London) not to mention boating adventures in the Greek Ionian and Cyclades islands.  Some of the best snow skiing was in the southern Peloponnese.  Bob Pickett visited for an island cruise and we hiked Mt. Olympus.
Unfortunately after returning from Greece Jul 03, my Dad expired after a long illness and was buried in Arlington Cemetery before we moved to Tokyo Sep 03.
Having completed a successful 2 month TDY to Afghanistan summer 2002, I found myself again, selected for a year posting to Afghanistan (Feb 04 - Feb 05).  Count your blessings and place your trust in our armed forces - I served with some great Americans, but I'm glad to be out of the sandbox.
Megan will be a rising sophomore at James Madison University and Michael will return to VA Tech after taking a semester off in Japan.  Jeannie and I completed our 26 year wedding benchmark and are currently discussing whether there will be another... 
Wishing you all health and happiness - yoga has been very good for me.

2015 Entry: In July 2011, I returned to McLean from a successful posting in Tokyo, Japan, as a newlywed  with my wife Haruka and immediately contracted with Paul Wright to remodel the kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  In October 2011, I began a 2nd round of chemotherapy (initial chemotherapy was in Tokyo 2008-2009).  In February 2012, Bob Pickett joined our family ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Co. (between 5th and 6th course of chemo).   I retired from the Government in September 2012 and enjoyed 14 months of working around the house and traveling.  In November 2013, I became a consultant with Leidos, returning to full time work.  Weíve shared many years of adventures with Bob  to include hiking, cross country skiing, cycling, boating, and good family gatherings.

Look forward to catching up with friends in July 2015.

Michael Kleist

1995 Entry: Manager, Research and Development; WSI. Wife, Yvonne; children, Keith, 14, and Emily, 13. Avid golfer, long-time sailboat racer: Hobie Cat 16 (also yachts of various sizes).

Steve Knight

1990 Entry: 20 memorable 100 words or less... High School...College...Went to work for Uncle Sam...Found an apartment...Fell in love...Connie had a baby...Guess I did too...Sheís so fine...Guess weíll have two...Bought a condo...Bought a house...Raised 3 dogs, 2 fish, and a mouse...Bought a sailboat...Bought a hot tub...Bought a piece of the Berlin Wall. Love my wife...Love my life...I buy war toys for the Puzzle Palace. Voted for Nixon.  Voted for Reagan...Need I say more?

2000 Entry: WowÖcan it really be that long? If a look in the mirror doesnít convince you, just look at our kids. Mine are 16 and almost 10 now. How many grandparents are there among our classmates? Thirty years ago we were looking forward to changing the world Ė now we look for ways to preserve those moments to pass on as a legacy for our kids and their kids.

So what have I been doing? 27 years of Federal service Ė 9 years with GSA, 15 years with NAVAIR and the last 3 with AMC (thatís Naval Air Systems Command and Army Material Command). Iím a Procurement Analyst by trade, with a minor in PowerPoint charts. I married a local girl (Oakton, í74) almost 20 years ago, and Connie and I have two beautiful daughters, Kassy and Alexis, to show for it. So now Iím going back to school to finish that degree I aborted 27 years ago; playing a little golf when I can; boating when the weather, tides and family schedules match up; working on the family genealogy; and looking forward to retirement (in about 12 years) when I can play all the time.

2015 Entry:  Oh the times they are a changing, hallelujah!  I'm free!  Free of the rat race.  Free of the traffic.  Free of the constant political noise on the radio and TV - static, static, static ... I let it go!  I retired in 2011 and got out of town just as fast as my little Prius would take me and my wife of almost 35 years.  Resettled in a golf course community 30 miles north of Charlotte, NC and  ten minutes from Lake Norman.  Connie misses her friends in NOVA, and our two daughters, now married with families of their own are 6-1/2 hours away, but we are free and can visit when we want.  Life is good.

Betsy (Lemos) Gattis

1995 Entry : I live on the coast of Maine with my husband, Geoff and sons, Bryan, 10, and Will, 8. Weíre just outside Portland, Maineís largest city. Itís really a fairly small city, but itís beautiful and charming and even has culture and a newspaper -- where I work as a copy editor. I feel fortunate to have discovered Maine as a place to live (of course, thatís easier to say in July than in January, but it has its pleasures then, too). My husband and I have been involved in helping to get a liberal Democrat friend of ours in Maine elected to Congress. I think of my interest in politics as coming from my high school years and living in the Washington area.

Jim Lilly

2000 Entry: I have been married to Ginny for 25 years this August and we have 4 children, Ben (19), Sam (13), Emma (13) and Annie (9). I am a school psychologist with Jefferson County, West Virginia schools. I also teach for Shepherd College and Lord Fairfax Community College and contract evaluations of infants and toddlers for a local agency. After graduation from Eckerd College in Florida, I worked for 3 years with severely emotionally disturbed boys in a residential school, then I worked for a year in public school teaching seventh grade English, then 10 years as teacher and academic director of a residential adolescent drug treatment program before becoming a school psychologist. I love my family and my work, I am constantly surrounded by children in both places.

2010 Entry: Working as a psychologist with preschoolers, still love my wife and my life. Four interesting and wonderful children. Still learning lifeís lessons and trying to keep things in perspective. Visit my Dad in McLean every weekend and sometimes cut through the high school on the way to McLean Family Restaurant (Three Pigs closed, can you believe it?).  Have given no thought yet to retirement; besides, I donít really want to work at Wal-Mart just yet.

2015 Entry:  My lovely wife Ginny and I are just back from a 40th Anniversary trip to China/Tibet. It was fantastic and hopefully the beginning of more travel for us in the future. Our four children are all doing well and are the light of our lives and we adore (I mean really adore) our 2 Ĺ year old grandson, Izaiah.

I am still working as a psychologist with Loudoun County, VA schools. I have specialized in evaluating special needs children, ages 1 to 5, and love my job and so have no plans yet to retire. My wife also loves her job as a sixth grade public school teacher. We are lucky people.

My parents have both passed and I have been executor to the estate. If anyone ever asks you to be an executor, RUN!

My greatest good fortune is to have been partnered with my dear wife and friend for all these many yearsÖ  

Nancy (Lindstrom) Taylor

1990 Entry: After graduating from Susquehanna University, I taught music for 12 years (10 years at Potomac School in McLean, Va.) Iíve spent recent years home raising my four little boys - Donald, age 8, twins Eric and Steven, age 5, and Robbie, age 3 1/2. All except Robbie will attend Potomac School next year, and I will go back to music teaching - part-time - at a small school in Washington, DC. My husband is an automotive instructor at NVCC. I am involved with the Washington Revels - not enough room for explaining about that ..... Hi to everyone!

Tom Lowry

2000 Entry: Recently retired U.S. Navy Commander, 20 years in the Civil

Engineer Corps (Seabees); P.E., state of Virginia; single, never married; living in Las Vegas for now, figuring out next move; maybe I should return to MHS to teach geometry; i.e., be the "new" CDR Fey, hmmmÖanyway, BEST wishes to all MHS Class of í70 classmates!

Steve Loranger

2015 Entry: Following 39 years pursuing a successful business career, the last ten serving as the Chairman and CEO of ITT Corporation, Betsy, my wife of also 39 years, and I decided to move back to our roots out west to begin pursuing our ďSomedayĒ projects. Those coveted activities we always wanted to do, but where the press of real life always seemed to get in the way.  Thus far, this has included re-building our mountain cabin in Arizona, piloting our own jet around, fly fishing, travelling, time with family and young kids, dabbling in aviation, technology and academic ventures, building things and many other fulfilling projects. Our ďSomeday ListĒ seems to keep getting longer no matter how much we scratch offÖÖ We are fortunate to have our health and lots of energy; so life is good, and we are industriously pursuing it.

Tom Lyon

1995 Entry: After getting married in 1981, Tom and his wife Kathy established the Kat Lyon Band, and travelled throughout the world for the USO and Dept. Of Defense, as well as performing in local clubs until 1986. They have two children, Michelle (9) and Gregory (6), and live in Herndon.

Tom works as a senior marketing specialist for Geneva Management in Arlington, Va. He also handles special marketing and promotion projects from his independent home office. He is into multi-media computer applications on his Macintosh system. (His E-Mail address on America Online is TSL228).

Music is still a big part of Tomís life, and he maintains a recording studio in his basement. He plays keyboards and guitar. He enjoys composing on his syntheser and MIDI-based Macintosh system. His wife Kathy sings and performs locally in her band "Overjoy" as well as several jazz venues.

He spends leisure time playing with the kids, skiing, reading computer magazines, roller blading, and exploring the Internet.

2010 Entry: Tom Lyon currently lives in Navarre Florida with his wife of 29 years, Kathy.  Tom is retired, having suffered a major stroke back in 2002.  Until that time, Tom was president of TL Marketing, a direct mail company that combined Tomís sales and promotion talents with wife Kathyís graphics and printing skills.  After the stroke, Tom underwent speech and physical therapy to regain use of his right hand and his speech.  Throughout his recovery, Tomís positive and motivated attitude was amazing to see, and has resulted in continual improvement over the years.  TL Marketing was downsized and eventually closed, as Tom and Kathy shifted to a more laid-back lifestyle, and relocated to the beautiful Northwest Florida beaches.  Both were able to focus on music as their primary activity, with Kathy performing regularly in many of the Emerald coastís best jazz venues.  Tom has regained much of his music skills, and although not pursuing a professional music career, is able to jam and play ďfor funĒ with some of the areas best musicians.  Having acquired an electronic Hammond Organ, Tom relentlessly practiced and listened to the Hammond B3 legends, and has developed great ďchopsĒ that characterize the classic B3 sound.  He sits in regularly on local jam sessions, and practices 6-7 hours a day.  He also assists a friend who suffered a brain injury, by taking him out two days a week to various activities like going to the beach, having lunch, etc.  He has turned his own recovery into a model of persistence and positivity that everyone who knows him has learned from and enjoyed.

Contact info:  
1757 Brooke Beach Drive, Navarre FL   32566
H: 850-936-5634

Bill Maycock

2010 Entry: Life is pretty much the same.  I have practiced with the same law firm in Atlanta since 1979.  My wife Kay and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary this year, and our four children continue to do well.  One significant change is grandchildren:  We have two grandchildren and one on the way. They are great.  I continue to enjoy biking, hiking, sailing and other outdoor activities.

2015 EntryI am sad to be missing the 45th reunion, but I have a conflicting family beach reunion in N.C. My sweetheart Kay and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in August. That she has put up with me for so long stands as a testament to her stamina,  patience and unflagging optimism. Our four terrific children and their equally terrific spouses have granted us the joy of nine grandchildren with two more on the way.  We hike, bike, sail, ice skate, ride horses, go camping and have great fun. I continue to practice law in Atlanta (business litigation) and keep up with my French in preparation for serving another long-term mission with Kay for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I am grateful for my time with wonderful classmates at McLean High, and for my friend Bob Pickett who keeps us connected after all these years. 

Elisa Mansuino

1990 Entry: Iíve had an interesting 20 years. Some wonderfully exquisite times and some infernal ones. What ever happened to "La Dolce Vita?" I toast to all of us for a most prosperous future, and remember never, never forget "The good old days..... "Ciao"

Claudia (Martin) Kilmer

1990 Entry: BS VPI-SU, 1975

Mrs. Don Costello, 1977

Mom, Sara, 1978

1995 Entry: Things change! Don and I divorced in 1991; I married Robert Kilmer in 1993. Heís an English professor at NVCC, who also happens to be a wonderful cook and an avid brewer of beers! Itís no wonder Iíve put on weight -- but Iíve quit smoking, too. Having decided that it was time for a career (gasp!), I earned a certificate for teaching English as a Second Language, and am currently working on a Masterís degree in Education. I teach ESL to adults, both for Prince William County and for NVCC Continuing Ed -- and I love it! Sara enjoys her job at Super Crown Books; it keeps gas in her car and new CDís in the player. I can hardly believe I drive a Buick; it seems "I am becoming my mother" after all. Oh well, . . . at least itís a pretty car.

2000 Entry: Let's see... Five years ago I was in grad school at GMU; now I have my M.Ed. and am teaching there. I'm the ESL writing specialist at teh Writing Center; I teach advanced writing to international students at the English Language Institute; I teach freshman composition; I teach M.Ed. students how to teach reading and writing to ESL students. Last summer, after an intense five-week program, I became a teacher-consultant with the Northern Va Writing Project: teachers teaching teachers to use writing in the classroom. I'm researching the use of manipulatives (Tinker Toys, Lego, etc) to help students get a grip on reading comprehension and writing skills. So here I am, finally moving into a career -- a late bloomer, for sure! One of these days, I'd like to have a full-time job instead of all this part-time stuff. Oh well -- it pays the bills. After a few months of training, I'm about to launch my part-time career doing voice-overs and narrations, starting with a video about distance learning for Maryland's higher ed folks. This ought to be interesting!  I'm still blissfully happy with Robert, and I'd have to say things have calmed down now that Sara has her own apartment. She made it through HS and spent some time (and some of her dad's money) at NVCC. College just doesn't seem to be her thing at the moment.  All in all, life is good: we're healthy and happy.

2005 Entry:  Five years since the last reunion, and ten since I attended. Yep, thereíve been some changes. I finally got that full-time position I wanted at the English Language Institute; it lasted two years. After 9/11, student visas were hard to get, and our enrollment plummeted. I was lucky to find a job with Prince Wm County Schools, a 15-minute drive from our home in Manassas, where I was one of two ESOL teachers in a <gasp> middle school. What an eye-opener! For this next year (and the foreseeable future, I hope), Iíve been hired to open an ESOL center at Saunders Middle School. Itíll be a challenge.

The voice-over ďcareerĒ never took off. I didnít have the time or energy to devote to work that is centered in DC. I enjoyed the work that I did, and certainly wouldnít turn down an opportunity to do it again. Let me know if you want a demo CD Ė I have several hundred in the basement.

Robert has one more year to teach at NVCC, and is getting ready for retirement by starting a Community-Supported Agriculture business here in our backyard. He has eight subscribers who each receive a basket of garden produce every week. He always grew more than we could eat, so this is a profitable way to take care of the excess.

Sara bought a townhouse in Rippon Landing, VA, not far from NVCC-Woodbridge. She and a business partner have started a commercial/residential cleaning company. Free estimates!

My mom died in the spring of í03 after suffering a major stroke. My sisters and I moved dad from their home in New Bern, NC, and then cleared out their home in Melbourne, FL. Heís now living in Holly Springs, NC, near Jenny and Cindy.

We went to Chattanooga, TN, the first weekend in July to visit Marie (Lieb) Hyde and her family. On our return trip, Ginger (Goben) Weisbarth picked us up and spent two nights here. I really enjoyed the re-connections.

2010 Entry:  Iíll be there this year.

Not much has changed since 2005. Iím still at Saunders Middle School, still teaching ESOL (and hoping to be certified for Language Arts), still happily married to Robert, still living in Manassas. Sara still has her townhouse in Rippon Landing and, we hope, will finally complete her two-year degree at NVCC Ė only fifteen years after starting it!! EGAD! Oh well, itís her degree, not mine, so Iíve quit worrying about it.

Robert retired, and his Garden Basket enterprise keeps him busy April Ė October. Last year, he took a sabbatical, as it were, and we had no customers. That left us free to can/freeze lots of produce: tomatoes, green beans, collards, winter squash. Weíve also tackled the issue of eating locally, by helping raise the chickens and pigs we eat. Yes, we helped process them, too; Iím certified to run a chicken-plucking machine. Beef comes from Loudoun County. Barbara Kingsolverís Animal, Vegetable, Miracle was a turning-point reading for us. Weíve read most of Michael Pollinís works, too. Yeah, Iíve come a long way from that suburban McLean life! In fact,

last summer, I entered my white-chocolate-macadamia cookies in the Prince William County Fair (Virginiaís largest) and won third prize in ďdropped cookiesĒ Ė quite an honor! This year, I plan to enter in the photography category.

I hope to retire in 2013, when I turn 60. Yes, I know a few of you have beat me to the punch, and Iím glad youíre enjoying it.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Claudia

2015 Entry:  I finally finished my education with a license to teach Gr 6-8 Language Arts in addition to ESOL. I did my ten years with Prince William Co schools and retired in June, 2013, when I turned 60. Iím back in two schools now, working two mornings a week with ESOL students. As my friends have pointed out, I really suck at retirement! Robert and I celebrated my birthday, my retirement, and our 20th anniversary with a cruise through Alaskaís inside passage.

Sara has a full-time job at NVCC-Annandale as a Theater Technician at the Ernst Cultural Community Center, also known as ďthe theater.Ē This is what sheís wanted to do since high school, and weíre all glad her dream has come true.

Last April, I celebrated 35 years in this house in Manassas. After all those years growing up with a Navy dad and moving all the time, I never thought Iíd have this kind of permanence. I like it.

Mary (Matkovcik) Ragsdale

1990 Entry: Howdy from Austin, Tx!! Mac (remember him?) & I been living here for 18 years - married 17. Have "3" wild and crazy boys - Travis -3; Sean - 7; Erich - 9. And itís hard to remember 20 years ago. Hope this reunion jogs my mind! Mary.

Victoria (McCormick) Williams

1990 Entry: I married Charles W. Williams from McLean HS in 1971. We have 2 children, David (16) and Rachel (14). I attended LSU in Shreveport and Baton Rouge, and Houston Baptist University in Houston. I also did some modeling. Weíve lived in Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Charles is a chemical engineer and has represented his companies in the US, Canada, and China. He did some business with computers in Africa. I am a housewife and home schooler. We have been traveling and home schooling for 8 years. We have a 140-acre farm in the rolling hills of North Louisiana. We garden and raise horses and cows. We also have a cocker spaniel named Alice. I am a member of the Louisiana Nature Conservancy and am actively endeavoring to turn our farm into a wildlife habitat.

Tim McGill

2010 Entry: I am bummed out that I will not be able to attend....changed jobs back in April & although I intended to come, scheduling conflicts occurred.  Give my best to the gang...Always appreciate you coordinating these reunions....I know how much work they are....can you imagine....40 years 18 year old son just graduated so all the memories came flooding back at his graduation.  

Tom McGovern

2000 Entry: Chief of Staff for the Center for Strategic Environmental Enforcement US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training

Been with EPA since '95. Previous 20 years with US Secret Service. Love Colorado, falling down mountains, beautiful weather, great quality of life...on second thought it's really horrible here and no one else should move here.

Beverly (Miner) Wik

1995 Entry: John and I are still living in our great house, circa 1789, in Old New Castle, Delaware, on the Delaware River 6 miles south of Wilmington. In May, John and I celebrated our 24th anniversary with a long awaited trip to China, Hong Kong and Thailand. At home, our kids, Anna and Warren, are now teenagers and my parents are chuckling as we struggle through their high school years with the., But undoubtedly the biggest event for my family and me in the last five years was the arrival of our daughter Lara in March, 1991. No, Lara wasnít a surprise --- we just werenít sure of her schedule at the Reunion in 1990. Lara at four is my little clone and a really happy little person. She keeps all of us laughing, and gives our teenagers big doses of hero worship. As an added bonus, she lets John and I pass ourselves off as "almost young" parents.

I am now a partner with a Wilmington law firm, still practicing law full time. In my spare time since 1990, I completed my LL.M. in Taxation at Georgetown in 1993. I specialize in death and taxes (aka state planning for large estates), advising clients about how to beat up on the IRS and reduce death taxes and probate costs. I love my work. John is still going strong with WIK Associates, Inc., his environmental consulting and auditing company which does business in Delaware, and probably a dozen other states.

I look forward to taking my daughter Anna, who will be in her senior year this Fall, to see McLean High School over the reunion weekend.

2000 Entry: Another five years, and in the grand scheme of things, I don't think I could have it much better. John and I are still living in our great house on the Green in Old New Castle, Delaware built in 1789. New Castle is a great weekend getaway to another century that we have the good fortune to live in every day. In May, John and I (and our youngest daughter Lara) celebrated our 29th anniversary with a wonderful trip to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, and saw the Passion Play-2000 in Oberammergau, Germany.

Our three children seem to be getting old(er). And we are surviving. Anna graduated from the University of Iowa (Iowa City) in May at 21 and aspires to own a bed and breakfast on an organic farm. Warren at 19 graduated from high school in 1999, hiked the entire Appalachian Trial from June to mid-November on his own (the 2nd youngest to make it through in the 1999 season) and completed a semester at West Virginia University where John and I met 29 years ago. Lara is now 9, and continues to be a great joy. We regret that she will be all grown up (in her opinion) by the next Reunion.

I am still practicing and enjoying practicing tax, estate and business succession law at The Bayard Firm (, in the boom town of Wilmington, Delaware where national law practices thrive in a small town environment. John is still going strong with WIK Associates, Inc., the family environmental business, in New Castle. WIK Associates provides environmental consulting, auditing, remediation, hazardous waste and spill clean-up services and/or advice in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, among other states. In his spare time, John is an Associate Professor at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.

NEW CASTLE TRAVEL NOTES: I'm going to repeat these from my prior reports, since New Castle, Delaware is a hidden treasure, although it had a great write up in the New York Times Travel Section in February. It's a little gem of a 18th Century historic district--picture Old Town Alexandria without any real parking problems (although the natives often swear that there are), without National Airport (oops, I mean Reagan Airport), and then picture a more city-like Williamsburg with real people actually living there on a day to day basis, with only about 5 museums. New Castle is a great weekend trip for those of you who live within two to three hours of Philadelphia. We're slightly less than 2 hours from McLean, less from the Maryland side of DC, only 40 minutes from Philadelphia and about 2 hours from New York City. Besides the museums and sights in historic Old New Castle, Winterthur, Longwood Gardens and the Wyeths' Brandywine River Museum are all within a half hour's drive. If you give us a call (302) 328-8067, we'd gladly steer you to a nice inn or bed and breakfast, a couple of good restaurants, and information on New Castle and day trips in the New Castle-Wilmington area. If you make it to New Castle, John and I'd love to buy you a drink, show you town, including the nature trails along Battery Park and the Delaware River. Lastly, remember that Delaware is also the land of tax free shopping. So those of you celebrating big anniversaries, an engagement, or whatever can stop at our jewelers and take home that special (and expensive) trinket without a state sales tax.

Linda (Mintz) Atkinson

1990 Entry: A special hello to Patty, Susie, Daneen, "Foffie," and of course, Claudia. I am a statistician at USDA, married to a statistician at USDA, with 2 lovely daughters (not yet statisticians at USDA!) They will probably not go to McLean HS because we canít afford to live there.....

I2010 Entry:  I have happily retired from the federal government after 36 years of service.  I am enjoying reading, gardening, traveling, and playing with my dogs, as well as alternating between homes in Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach.

2015 Entry: I don't know if anybody else has, but I have to quote Joe Walsh:  "Life's been good to me so far."  My husband Dale and I are healthy and happy and living the good life (i.e. getting paid to not work), and our daughters are both out on their own and doing well.  Dale got a kayak to take out in the bay while I'm walking the dog on the beach, and we just bought a new car with a bicycle rack installed on the back.  The golden years indeed!

Libby Moore

1990 Entry: Thanks for your work putting together our reunion. Unfortunately, I wonít be able to make it. If anyone asks, I am well and living outside San Francisco after having recovered from a bout with cancer. Give the class of 1970 all my love. Thanks again.

Sherri (Munch) Chema

1990 Entry: Elementary Ed. graduate, VPI and SU, 1974

Masterís Degree in Ed. Administration, U. of Nevada (Las Vegas), 1979.

Currently: Reading Specialist for Fairfax County Public School System.

Married 1979; Spouse: Richard, Attorney & Investment Counselor; Children: 1 daughter, Heather (age 6); Pet: 1 French Poodle, Brion; Before Heather, we enjoyed traveling, fine restaurants, and the theater.

Suzy Murphy

1990 Entry: Hello to old friends! I am creating a happy and full life in Portland, OR. I work as an ER nurse in the local University Trauma Center, while I am pursuing a Masterís in Mental Health Nursing. Current interests are Health promotion, Mind-Body Connection in healing, and Birding! My son Michael Thrasher is now 19. Wish I could be there this summer to visit in person. Would love to hear from you all. 8300 SW 39th, Portland, OR 97219.

Barbara( Nelson) Johnson

1990 Entry: Guess Iíve eventually had to grow up in the last 20 years. College didnít make it happen--nor did teaching school. Getting married just gave me another playmate. But having two sons seemed to force the issue. Am currently a programmer working for IBM in Endicott (where?), NY.

Bruce Nocita

1990 Entry: Since 1970 I spent a lot of time in school in Colorado, California, and Louisiana. Iíve been in Tampa since 1984, teaching Geology at the University of South Florida. In 1987 I got married - no kids. My biggest thrill was 6 months of field work in Africa. My biggest disappointment is the demise of LP records.

Denise (Nuzum) Perrino

1990 Entry: Hi everyone! Iíve been teaching Drama at Oakton HS for the past 10 years. I am now on child care leave taking care of Pietro (10 mos.) & Gregory (5 years) & Ralph (41 years)!! Sooo, Thatís it folks!!! Does anyone recognize Tysonís anymore? (Rhetorical question)

Sean O'Neil

2015 Entry: Weíve had three kids Sean Jr. 30 years old, Maire Witt OíNeiil 27, and Sarah 24 yrs.

 Sean Jr. (Og in Irish) graduated from Kenyon College in Ohio where he majored in Drama and Economics while being Captain of his college LaCrosse team.  Heís been published in the New Yorker as a cartoonist and his band has done 4 national toursóhe writes the music, plays bass and is lead singer. (available online at:

 Maire graduated for the Maryland College of Art (MICA) taught for a few years and is now at the School of Art at the Institute Chicago.

 Sarah, our youngest, was the first to get and advanced degree with her Masterís in Education and now teaches elementary school in Alexandria.

 Lee David Osborne

1995 Entry: LTC, Australian Army. Permanent address: 45 Alfred Hill Drive, MELBA, CANBERRA, ACT, AUSTRALIA, telephone 011-616-2582143. Wife Catherine and children Alexander (1989) and Charlotte (1991).

2000 Entry: Hi Guys. Just a short entry as I'm writing this at absolutely the death knell for contributions. As some of you know my family and I were back in Virginia from December 1993 to January 1997 on posting with the Australian Embassy - the first time back in 25 years. Catherine and the kids (Alexander 10 and Charlotte 9) and I lived in Wolf Trap Woods, Vienna for that time and I attended the 1995 reunion and caught up with a lot of MHS fellow graduates. We returned to Australia in 1997 and I have worked in the Australian equivalent of the Pentagon since then. I'm still in the Army - 30 years next January 17th !! - and I'm about to leave and start a second career in Project Management consultancy and training.

We are now living in Canberra, the capital, and probably will for the foreseeable future. My contact details are in Bob's e-mails so there's no excuse for not getting in touch. Who is coming down for the Olympics? Sydney has never looked better and this is a once in a lifetime chance to get here and take it all in. Will be thinking about you all on Reunion weekend - have a great time. I will make the 30th !!"

Kim (Pedlar) Stampone

1990 Entry: Happily married for 11 years to John. Raising 2 beautiful little girls..Tiffany, age 7 and Ashley, age 4. They are the pride and joy of my life and make my world bright and beautiful. Currently working in the cardiology field as an RN for the past 17 years. Spend free time (what there is of it) golfing, skiing & swimming. Truly enjoy all the children/family activities such as T-ball, gymnastics, Brownies, swimming lessons, etc. etc. Look forward to seeing familiar faces and some unfamiliar. Letís make it McLeanís most memorable reunion. I and love to all those lost souls out there. Hope to see you at the 25th or better yet, the 30th.

1995 Entry: Boy, time sure flies when youíre having fun! Another 5 years since our last reunion...Canít believe it. Still feel 18 but look my age. Tiffany (12) and Ashley (9) keep me hopping with softball, basketball, soccer, swim team, and PTA. Tiffany is an "almost teen." Remember those raging hormones? Iím still active fulltime as an R.N. (Wow! 22 years!), busy with 2 PTAís and try to find some time to spend with my husband. We really enjoy golf! I find myself very happy to be alive, active and healthy. What more could you ask for in life? Hope all my classmates feel the same. Looking forward to a terrific reunion. Best Regards...until 2000.

 2010 Entry: Wow!  So much time has passed. Haven't written an update in 15 years, so a lot has happened.  In summary:
Married to John Larnick 21 years 1979-2000, lived in Maryland 24 years, had 2 beautiful daughters and divorced in 2001.
Remarried to John Stampone 2002 - he was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 months after our wedding.
Moved to NC 2004 to enjoy beach and golf with my husband after 2 years of cancer treatment, including brain surgery,abdominal surgery, lung surgery, chemo, and radiation.
John lived a total of 6 years after diagnosis and passed away May 2008. It was the saddest moment of my life and the best 6 years of my life.
Daughter Tiffany - age 27, degree in elementary ed, works as a consultant & sales rep for pre-school curriculums, travels all over the US and lives in Charlotte, NC  (4 hours away).  Got engaged 6/6 and I'm thrilled!! Future son-in-law works for Wells Fargo and is moving up the ladder. Can't wait for grandchildren!!!!
Daughter Ashley age 24 returned home after 2 years of independence in Maryland and Washington state and is now in nursing school and will graduate May 2011, has a significant other but no plans for marriage yet.
Kim - live in Sunset Beach (the name is definitely reflective of the sunsets we see every night), work fulltime in cardiac rehab and got my real estate license in 2006, working part time in this terrible market. Enjoy golf, beach, dancing (even learned how to "Shag"), home decorating, stained glass, gardening, travel, and many friends. Still grieving my loss but making a life for myself. Looking forward to another great weekend with old (and I do mean OLD) friends and acquaintances. Still loving life and all it has to offer!! 2

2015 Entry:  It saddens me that I will miss this yearís reunion. Unfortunately family circumstances are preventing my trip, but if Iím still alive and well for the 50th Ė Iíll be there with bells on! Retired from fulltime nursing in 2012 after 40 years in the cardiology field. Took up Real Estate 2006, working part-time & decided to continue fulltime in this field after nursing. Retired from RE in December 2014 and enjoy a great life. After an unsuccessful marriage of 22 years, 2 fabulous children, and then a 2nd marriage to my soul mate who left me widowed in 2008, I have chosen to remain single. (Donít have the energy to train another one -lol). Enjoying long walks & sunsets on the  beach (Sunset Beach, NC), golf, travel, many hobbies, line & shag dancing, & lots of friends & social events. Work occasionally for a health screening company and am the social director for our golf club and community, organizing all our social events. My greatest accomplishment in life continues to be my 2 daughters Ė my joy, pride & love  for them remains constant & unwavering. Tiffany Ė 32 is in a leadership role for Met Life and lives in Charlotte. Ashley Ė 29 is a ďtravelĒ nurse, traveling the USA for nursing assignments and is currently residing in Richmond. No grandchildren yet Ė but still wishing and hoping. I wish you all a fabulous 45th reunion. To all my ďoldĒ friends - I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity until we meet again in 2020!!

John Pla

1990 Entry: 70-72: attended NVCC

72-75: Moved to Gainesville & graduated from The University of Fla. in Political Economics

76- Present: Real Estate Broker & Developer, Trent Realty & Mgmt

72: Married Cynthia Neil, 2 daughters 9 & 5

I enjoy my career and family and I love to sail in St. Augustine.

5931 NW 57th St

Gainesville, FL 32606

(904) 375-8104

2000 Entry: Had a son, Andrew, what a pistol, in 1993. Got divorced. Got married to Amy in 1995 the love of my life... Refocused career on land development. Got daughter #1, Garland, through high school and into college (FSU). Got daughter #2, Alexandra, through middle school and into high school (10th grade). Built a great house on 8 acres and got myself a koi pond. Meditate regularly and started working out this year. Follow politics - as much as I can stand. Love to travel with my wife and with or without the kids. My older brother, mom, aunt, and younger sister have all moved to Gainesville. Have wonderful friends, kids, wife, and family. Life is great! John M. Pla

Bob Pickett

1990 Entry: Working on the Reunion and talking to all my MHS friends has been wonderful! After 7 years with EPA and my lovely former spouse, Iím the new foreman of the Gardeners at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and remarried with my two kids (McLean 13 and Shelley 10) from my first marriage. My avocation is natural science. I lead monthly hikes for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club and my yard is a horticulturistís joy! I still play drums and enjoy the County Softball League.

1995 Entry: Iíve enjoyed organizing the Reunion again. Iíve particularly enjoyed putting in the 1995 entries into this Memory Book and talking to old friends and acquaintances. McLean (my son) has just graduated from Springbrook High School. His passion throughout his four years was the football team. They reached the State semi-finals this past year with him starting both offensive and defensive lineman (6', 200 lb.). Heís going to Maryland this fall in the Computer Science program. Shelley is getting straight Aís as a freshman, and fell one point short of making it to the States in debates as a freshman. Iím still on three softball teams in the summer, leading monthly natural science hikes for the PATC and wrote a 64 page handbook on woody plants of the Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Forest. Oh, and Iím a free agent---again! Iím still determined to get it right. Iíve never lost my enthusiasm for life and love. I wish us all luck!

2000 Entry: Still active with hiking and softball. Iíve got a web page on the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club website where I present natural history descriptions of places Iíve hiked ( My next big natural history project has been preparing a book/website on Appalachian Mammals. I was hoping to have it done by this reunion, but, you know how such things can go.

McLean is 24, now married, with a home in Wheaton, making more in computers than Iíve ever made. Shelley, 21, is getting married July 29 to a Marine dropout, who may apply to college this fall majoring in music performance; you see, he likes playing guitar, and would love to do this for a livingÖ. Say no more, Bob.

2005 Entry: Still here after all these years.  Running the high school reunion, now the Naturalist for the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, playing softball (with the 50 + league!), and looking at retirement in three years!  Finished the Appalachian Mammals (www.

But, things do change.  The Naval Academy went contract, and I'm now head of the gardeners for the George Washington Parkway - a National Park Service job.  And, I'm about to marry Jane, a fellow hiker I've known since 1993!  We'll wed next June 4!  

And, I'm a granddad - twice over!  My son, McLean, has a three year old son, Connor Dragon, and 1 year old daughter, Terra Phoenix Pickett ( the mother is from Taiwan!)

2010 Entry: Retired in 2007, moved into a wonderful country house in northern Montgomery County, MD in the agricultural preserve near Barnesville with wife Jane.  Still playing softball.  Last fall, took my first major tour west with my 2007 Toyota Tacoma pickup and nifty popup trailer.  Jane spent the first month with me as we went to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, then off on my own for the next six weeks.  Backpacked down the Grand Canyon and up to the summit of Mt. Whitney, CA (highest point in lower 48), and four days in Kings Canyon/Sequoia.  Had a spectacular adventure.  Will do it again this fall.  Next summer, no softball - rather, a three month trip to Alaska!   Seeing my two grandkids every Monday evening.  Life is good. 

2015 Entry:  I'm back in my McLean home - in fact, same bed as in high school - now caring for my 90 year-old parents.  Bought a wonderful vacation home in WV, near Canaan Valley.  Left Jane behind in Barnesville in pursuit of the ultimate match (still possible at 60?).  Been dating a wonderful school teacher, Rosemary, for over a year now.  Still active with the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club; leading hikes and teaching natural history.  Looking forward to seeing good 'old' friends!

Richard Posey

 2010 Entry: I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music in 1974. I played clarinet, bass clarinet, and recorder with the US Air Force Band in Washington from 1975 to 1993. 
My first wife and I bought a huge property in Michigan along Lake Superior and lived there until 2003. During this time I went back to school and earned a degree in biology at Northern Michigan University.
The joined US Fish and Wildlife California Condor Recovery Program in Ventura, CA as a wildlife biologist, and later became supervisor of the field program. I retired at the end of 2008.
I now live in LA with my second wife Margie. Neither of us has any kids.

Todd Plummer

2010 Entry: Amy, my wife of 30 years, and I enjoy living in Estes Park, CO at the entrance to Rocky Mtn. Natl. Park.  It is a treat, but you better like snow.  It is May 15th and more snow predicted to add to the snow on the ground.  This morning I watched a deer trimming the tulips next to the house (no snow right by the house), but she wasn't able to get to the radishes, beets and lettuce sprouts safely within the greenhouse I added to extend our short growing season.  I still have to work as a software engineer to pay the bills, but enjoy the challenges that KonicaMinolta's color laser printers still provide.

In my spare time I officiate Bicycle Races in Colo., am chairman of the board of a local special district (how appropriate, it is a Sanitation District) and vacationing with freshman year college dorm-mates (including John Fienup).  Here is link to some photos from recent adventures:  ( )

Bill Readdy

1990 Entry: US Naval Academy Ď74. Navy Carrier Pilot and test pilot. Married Colleen Nevius of Va. Beach in 1984; two dogs. NASA Space Shuttle Astronaut 1987. Scheduled to fly Dec. Ď90 on the first international microgravity lab mission (IML-1) on the orbiter "Columbia."

1995 Entry: (Extracted from Biographical Data Sheet) Captain, U.S. Naval Reserve. Son, Sean Nevius Readdy, born June 4, 1992. Enjoys sailing, racquet sports, flying and reading. Has completed two space flights, STS-42 (Jan. 22-30, 1992) and STS-51 (Sept. 12-22, 1993). He is currently assigned as Commander of STS-79, the fourth in the joint American-Russian Shuttle-Mir series of missions. The mission is planned for the summer of 1996.

John W. Quick

1995 Entry: Job: U.S. Post Office - Chantilly, VA (Rural Letter Carrier). Single.

One son, Brian (21). Mother, Evelyn, living in Molina, Florida (father died of cancer in Feb. of 1977). Two sisters; Janet, of Centerville, Va., and Sue, of Manassas,Va. One younger brother living in Vienna, Va.

Kathy (Reid) Jenkins

1995 Entry: Having as much school spirit as I do, I married fellow classmate Steve Carrasco in 1972. Divorced in 1979, I moved to Seattle to complete my education. Armed with a Masters degree in Social Work by 1984, I began working with abused and neglected children and their families. I remarried in 1989 to a wonderful college professor and have 2 step kids, aged 20 and 23. I changed professional focus in 1990 and began doing agency administration. I am currently the Executive Director of a non-profit research organization. Iíve just returned from a 10-month sabbatical, traveling 4 months in Europe, one month in New Zealand and 5 months in Australia. Let me know if you want to see the slides---.

Linda (Rivers) Osborne

1990 Entry: Married to Clinton Osborne. Two children---Richard (17) and Dawn (16) Hamilton. Living in Atlanta. Certaified employee Benefits Specialist; Director of Operations at U.S. Health Connections. Inc.

Patti Robertson

1990 Entry: Nothing much has changed since the last reunion.

Patti Rostkowski

1990 Entry: Still working for the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, now called the "Family Court." I provide services to families who are experiencing problems with a childís behavior, custody/visitation/support, or marital difficulties. Love my work (and hear Iím lucky about that!)...I feel as if I "fit" my age now. Was less comfortable at our 10-year reunion but what perspective that gathering gave me! And, by the time this booklet gets distributed, Iíll be married...Iím returning from the honeymoon a day early to come to this reunion! (I fully expect that weíll all be unrecognizable without nametags.) Patti

1995 Entry: After 20 some years of counseling adolescents, couples, and families, I have returned to school (part time) in order to earn my Master in Social Work degree and the flexibility that comes with it and with LCSW licensing. Couldnít manage it all without the loving support of my husband Terry, whom I was lucky enough to marry 5 years ago this month (what fun I had the last reunion when I was presented with the "most recently married" award for returning from our honeymoon a few days early!). Both previous high school reunions have provided me with many warm memories and I hope to add to that store.

Annette Sabin Mullaney

2015 Entry:  I have very fond memories of my 3 years at MHS. I have lived a very full, interesting life with my husband of 41 years and 3 grown children. I was an ICU nurse for 10 years and now volunteer in a clinic in Naples, Florida for the working poor. Through my husband's work we have traveled all over the world and have chosen to retire in Naples because it is truly paradise for us. I hope you have a wonderful reunion!  Certainly wish I could join you.

Kathy Schwartz

1995 Entry: Kathy Schwartz, Ph. D. Director, Alaska Center for Excellence in Arts Education. Husband is Gary L. Freeburg, Professor of Art, University of Alaska. Children are Andrea Schwartz Freeburg (7 years) and Ava Schwartz Freeburg (4 years). Best wishes extended to all McLean friends. "Thanks for the Memories"

2005 Entry Greetings to all. After teaching for 25 years in Alaska, I returned to Virginia in 2000 to coordinate art education programs at James Madison University, School of Art and Art History. I am married to Gary Freeburg, and we have two wonderful daughters, Andrea (17) and Ava (14). We visit my parents almost every weekend in McLean and we really look forward to seeing everyone at the 2005 reunion.

2015 Entry: Happy New Year. Gary and I are still living in Harrisonburg, VA, but we go back and forth to Alaska for art, adventure, and friends. I am now the Director of the School of Art, Design, and Art History at James Madison, and Gary is the Gallery Director. It is wonderful to see so many McLean High School students come to JMU. What a pleasure to see their youthful enthusiasm! I can hardly believe we are about to celebrate our 45th  reunion, and it will be just great to see everyone.

Patti Screen

1990 Entry: After graduating from MHS, I attended VCU in Richmond where I met and married Don Ruecroft. Graduated from VCU in Fine Arts, then we moved to San Francisco where I managed a photo store, then back to Richmond where I worked as a graphic designer in the VCU School of Education for 9 years. Have 2 beautiful sons, Paul, age 5, and Sean, age 1 1/2. I now work in a small advertising agency doing graphic design and layout on a Macintosh Computer. My personal diversions are movie-watching & landscaping.

1995 Entry: In April of 1993, I started my own business, Infinity Graphics, doing graphic design and desktop publishing. Iíve never been happier since Iíve been self-employed! My boys, Paul (10) and Sean (6), are bright and beautiful, and my wonderful husband, Don, and I are more in love than ever. My hobbies include reading (science fiction is my favorite) and horticulture.

Sandy Shaw

2015 Entry: I've been living in Austin TX since 1975, when I began an MA in Latin American Studies. My dad had retired from USG in '73 and brought the rest of the family back to Texas, where he and my mom both had roots. I finished up a BA at Macalester College and endured a year of intense culture shock with the family in Waco before moving on to grad school. That's one big reason why I dropped out of sight (I don't know if anyone noticed ;-))

A semester in to LA Studies, the Brazil bug bit me and changed my life path. I wound up living almost 3 years in S„o Paulo, Rio, and Salvador da Bahia, with a significant stay in Belem at the mouth of the Amazon. Came back with a new language, many lifelong friends, a broken heart (several times, but who's counting now, really?) and an incipient understanding of myself as a Third Culture Kid. 


The path of self-knowledge took many turns. After a long long time in the wilderness, I took a job in Austin teaching English to adult international students and it stuck. Surrounded by superb colleagues, I learned the profession and began to develop a specialization in intercultural communication, cultural adjustment, training & facilitation. I've lived overseas a bit more too ( Costa Rica, Azerbaijan -- a post-Soviet oily thang), and have done further studies related to the Middle East, creative writing, and "end of empire"... (the British Empire, and ours).


I currently work for University of Texas International Office; we've got students from all over the planet (and some from beyond, I'd swear). This week we are finishing a 4-week ESL/culture training for 90 Mexican university profs and students. Next week another special program launches. I feel very blessed, very grateful, to be well-used, busy at work that I love, that I believe in, and for which I seem to be well-suited.


As for the vitals: never married, 2 cats, gained weight, gained wisdom. Parents passed away, Mom in '83 and Dad in '89. Brother Howard died in 2006; sister Barbie married a friend of mine from Brazil days, has 2 sons and fostered my brother's son. They're all in Chapel Hill NC and I visit there fairly frequently. I've had wonderful recent visits with Marylee Griffith and Steffi Domike, and long ago Bill Readdy...


Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, and anyone who plans to stop through Austin TX.  Email


I may make it East in the fall this year, but right now just can't get away. Enjoy reunion! Let me hear from you!

Grant Sherk

1990 Entry: 1970 VCU - the Fan- Chess-UVA-the nature of art-reality-wordsmith-art as life-life as art-Westport-Motorcycle - NE Beaches - Richmond-Director , Rainbow Program - Wild Plants-Don Juan-Little Sisters-Beth-round house of cedar logs-Kaileen-Apple Trees-Corey-River-Country-Elk Hill Farm, Inc.-group workers-Honey Bees-Farm-Shitake-Rain-poetry-garden-isolation-nature.

1995 Entry: Perception shimmers

In a glowing haze of light

Time falls like soft rain.

2010 Entry: Beth Larson Sherk (í71) and I continue to live on our little organic farm in Fluvanna county (no stoplights in the countyóvery rural).  I raise chickens and bees and vegetables and fruits.  I work in a small residential school for emotionally disturbed teenagers as the lead teacher.  After mastering the practices of the ancient Taoists, I awakened my kundalini in a controlled manner, and after learning healing touch and other esoteric practices found that I could connect people to their higher selves and healing occurred.  I offer healings to anyone who asks me during the day at school, and not a day passes that someone does not need my help.  People in the community come to me for help too.  I keep reaching higher and higher states and hope eventually to disappear from the earth in a flash of light.  peace and love, g

Rosellen (Sloan) Buns

1990 Entry: Hello everyone from the Class of Ď70! Iím now living in my idea of Paradise, Scottsdale, AZ with my wonderful family. My husband, Bob, is from Chicago and we met while attending the University of Illinois where we both graduated in Business. After pursuing a career in Hospital Administration for 9 years, I am now staying home to raise our 2 children, John (6) and Katlin (2). I am very committed to volunteering for school, community, and church. Once a month, year-round, we take off and explore a new portion of this fascinating state. Happy 20th!!

Al (Alan) Smith

2000 Entry: So what have I been doing for the last thirty years? Graduated from Princeton in 1974; taught middle school science and social studies in Hightstown, N.J.for two years;graduated from the University of Chicago Law School in 1979; moved to L.A.; clerked for a judge and practiced at a small firm then the L.A. office of Perkins Coie, a big Seattle firm; in 1995 moved to Seattle to head the bankruptcy/finance practice. Married since 1981 to fellow lawyer Barbara Potashnick, with four boys 17, 14, 11, and 6.  Needless to say, life alternates between too busy and way too busy - but it's still always fun up here in the Great Northwest (aka God's country).

Anita (Solomon) Teague

1990 Entry: Professional: RN, Project Director of NIH-funded transfusion Research Study at St. Lukeís Episcopal Hospital, Houston, TX. Former cardiovascular intensive care nurse. Co-author of two patient teaching booklets.

Personal: Married Alan Teague (5/27/89), whoís in sales with Sewell Plastics. No kiddos.

Enjoyment/Diversions: Scuba Diving (Mexico), Pres-elect Chancel Choir, 1st Presbyterian Church, Refinishing antiques, bicycling, travel (Hungary, Switzerland, & Australia for 15 days this summer; France, on south too Greece 1984), Mary Kay Beauty consultant, R.E.A.D. (Literacy) instructor.

Louise (Spann) Vincent

1990 Entry: 1974: BA in Elementary Ed, Lynchburg College

1974-76: 6th grade teacher, Nottoway County, Va.

1978: Masters of Ed., University of Va.

1977-1985: K, 1, 2 grade teacher, Fairfax Co., Va.

October 6, 1984: Married William M. Vincent, Jr.

May 17, 1987: Daughter Katherine M. Vincent

1989: Became Ed. Consultant for Discovery Toys

1990: Census Enumerator for US Census Bureau

1995 Entry: In January of 1994, my husbandís division of IBM was purchased by Loral. In October of 1994, we moved to Point Lookout, NY for a temporary assignment with Loral Fairchild on Long Island. We will be moving back home on July 1, 1995 (note new address). We rented a house Ĺ block from the Atlantic Ocean and have really enjoyed seeing the sights of New York.

2000 Entry: I am now teaching full time for Manassas City Schools. This year I taught morning kindergarten and art/music in the afternoons to K, 1 and 2. Next year, I will be teaching kindergarten at two schools. Luckily, they are only a few miles apart. My husband works for Lockheed Martin in Manassas. My son, Will, is now 15 and will attend Osborne High School as a sophomore in the fall. My daughter, Katherine, is 13 and will be in her last year of junior high at Metz Junior High School this next year. My son plays the drums at school and in parades. He has just finished completing the requirements for Eagle Scout. My daughter plays the violin at school and twirls two batons with the White Star Corps.

2010 Entry: Just to get you up to speed, my mother, Mary had Alzheimers and passed away after 7 years in the Arleigh Burke Nursing home July, 2008. My Dad and brother Rick still live in our home in McLean.  July 7, 2009  my daughter Kate, married Nick Block in the Bahamas and they are now living in Houston Texas. Nick graduated from Purdue University and is working for a Acoustical Engineering firm in Houston. Kate attended Phila. University for one year and Purdue University for a semester and then decided to pursue a career in Aesthetics.  She is now working at a Spa in Houston and loves it. For Christmas, they got a darling little puggle and call him Jules.
Jan. 30, 2010, our son Will, married Dariela Martinez in Manassas. Will graduated from Phila. University in 2008. He is currently working for an Engineering firm here in Manassas and is enjoying it. Will and Dariela also work part time at Pizza Hut and our having a little boy this summer (My first grandchild).  Bill is still working at Lochheed Martin in Manassas. I am now the Reading Specialist at Glenkirk Elementary in Prince William County.  We has two miniature dachshunds, Pepper and Cappi.  I don't think I will be able to make the reunion this year, we are having a family reunion with Bill's sisters.  We will all be driving down to Williamsburg.
I look forward to hearing how everyone else has been doing.  

I will not be at the Mclean 40th reunion. We will be having a family reunion in Williamsburg with my husbandsí family. Quite a lot has happened to me since the last reunion 10 years ago.

I am now working as a Reading Specialist at Glenkirk Elementary in Gainesville Va. (Prince William County) I have been Reading Recovery trained and went to George Mason to add my Reading Specialist certification on my teaching license. This will be my fifth year there and I am really enjoying it.

My husband continues to work at Lockheed Martin as a systems integrator near our home in Manassas.

My daughter Kate was married last July7, 2009 in the Bahamas to Nick Block. Nick graduated from Purdue University last year and they now live in Houston, Texas. Nick is working as an acoustical Engineer and Kate is an Aesthetician at a Spa in Houston.

My son Will is also married to Dariela (Martinez) Vincent and on July 17, 2010 they had my first grandson, William Maurice Vincent IV (8 lb. 3 oz). The three of them will be living with us while they save for their own home. Will graduated from Philadelphia University with a degree in Architectural studies. He is currently working at WDP Engineering Firm about a mile from our home.

2015 Entry: My husband and I are looking forward to attending our 45th reunion...seems hard to believe....there has been a few changes since the last reunion. I am still working as a Reading Specialist at Glenkirk Elementary in Gainesville, Va. I enjoy it very much but will be retiring in 2 years after the next 2 school years end.

My husband Bill was laid off from Lockheed Martin after over 23 years working with them...God blessed us and he was only out of work for a month and found a wonderful company, Progeny Systems, also in Manassas so his commute only changed by 1/2 mile....He really enjoys the new company as does our grandson, who each year gets to have a Moon bounce, slushi machine and pop corn machine at his birthday parties...all loaned to employees for free...In fact, we will not be able to attend the picnic because little William is celebrating his 5th birthday at our house on the July 12th (his birthday is July 17).

My son, Will and his wife, Dariela, live in Manassas at a nice little townhouse about 6 miles from our house. Their family has grown and they now have Carmen Louise who just turned 2 in April and Theodore Benjamin who will be 1 in October. Will is also working on his Masters in Construction Management thru an on line program with Drexell University. We are so proud of his A average....

We helped our daughter,Kate and her husband, Nick, celebrate their 5th anniversary in the Bahamas with a family vacation and she had a "trash the dress" photo shoot...Nick is still working as an acoustical Engineer but he passed the exam and also has his Professional Engineering License. Kate is now working as a Lead Makeup artist and Business Manager at a high end Make Up Boutique called Facade in Houston and loves her job.

Bill and I enjoy traveling on vacations with Bill's sister Mary and her husband Bill. We did have one Miss-Adventure vacation for our 30th wedding Anniversary, however. We enjoy going on Royal Caribbean Cruises...We flew to Venice Italy for a few days before our planned cruise to Greece and the night before the cruise, Bill's passport and wallet was either lost or stolen....we reported it to the police...who did not speak English so we typed back and forth on their computer using google translator...we were hoping with the police report and the copy of his passport that we could board the ship but they would not let us and there is no longer a consulate in we had to go to we spent the week ...on trains going to Milan and then back to Venice....we would get off the train...look for a hotel...check in...spend the day in a small town...and then board the train the next day...we had a fabulous time with our Miss-Adventure..

Oh, and on a side note for those of you who know my brother Don....he is also a grandfather of 3 adorable boys....his son, Jeff lives in Philadelphia with his wife Kim and their 3 sons (close in age to our grandchildren).  Don and Sue still live in Maine. Their daughter Kristen and her husband, David, own Cater Stables in New Hampshire and they all enjoy competing in various horse shows through out the States.

Earl L. Stackhouse, Jr.

1995 Entry: After leaving high school, I attended the College of Emporia in Emporia, Kansas. It closed its doors during my senior year so I transferred to Emporia State University and received a bachelorís degree in sociology. While in Emporia, I met a nursing student and we were married in 1974 afer I graduated. I joined the Kansas Highway Patrol that fall and started my 21 hear career near Kansas City, Kansas. I later earned by masterís degree in administration of justice from Wichita State University. Jolene and I had a son named Sean in 1975. Following high school in 1993, he joined the U.S. Air Force. He is currently serving in the National Honor Guard in Washington, D.C.. We transferred to Junction City in central Kansas in 1981. I continue to enjoy my work as a state trooper. I keep active by playing softball, basketball, and recently took up the sport of scuba diving. By the way, if ever travelling through Kansas, itís best not to mention my name as you may end up receiving two tickets rather than one.

Lynn (Steiner) Boyakin

1990 Entry: I was so looking forward to the reunion this year but couldnít make it. Iíd love to hear from the songleading and cheerleading squads. Hasnít time just flown?! Life is good yet very challenging. My best to you all!!!

Alias, Lynn Steiner

Camilla Stroud

1990 Entry: I am still living in the DC area, in Falls Church. I have been married since 5/79 to Charles Welsh and we have 2 sons: Ben (4 1/2) and Andrews (2). I work for Giuseppe Cecchi at Techworld Plaza (across from the Convention Center) as V.P. for Community and Public Relations, where I am pulling together a neighborhood association of developers, brokers, businesses, civic groups and individuals to improve the safety and appearance of the area. Also included in the job coordination of the exterior appearance of Techworld Plaza, and coordination of tenant opening events and all Techworld and tenant brochures. Former work was in the field of human services. Charlie is President of Targeting Systems, Inc. We are learning ballroom dancing for fun. Volunteer work: Board of the Childrenís School.

1995 Entry: Since the last reunion in 1990, I continued working for IDI/Techworld Plaza, establishing and running a neighborhood business association and taking on increased public relations responsibilities until the spring of 1992, when I was laid off due to the dramatic downturn in the commercial real estate business. After a two-year stint working in restaurant marketing and catering sales, I came across a wonderful opportunity with The Wyatt Company. I started there in late November in the new position of Director of Internal Communication, and have been learning a whole new corporate world as well as the consulting industry. My principal responsibility is creating internal communication structures and methods to link this global firm. In addition, I have been assisting with the design, communication and implementation of centralized human resources programs.

Our sons, Ben and Andrew, are now 91/2 and 7 and are entering the fourth and second grades, respectively. They are bright, handsome, inquisitive kids and are the lights of my life. Both play soccer. Andrew tried T-ball in the spring, and I donít know what heíll choose next spring. Both go to tai kwon do classes with their dad, Charlie, twice a week, and are preparing for a belt test. In all, they are great kids.

Charlie works in market research, principally consulting with financial services firms. This is an addition to his repertoire that includes political campaign polling, labor union work, grass roots campaigns, product marketing and issues research. We both work hard, and the latest complication is the addition of my travel demands on top of his. Fortunately, only once have we both had to be gone at the same time, and his mother was in town to stay with the boys. In all, life is good, if sometimes too demanding!

2010 Entry:   ďMy husband Charlie Welsh and I have been married for 31 years and weíve raised two great sons. Ben, 24, graduated from college with a degree in theater and dance, and a specialty in technical theater. He is in Grand Lakes , Colorado , this summer, working as the lighting designer for the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater and earning his first professional design credits. Ben is engaged to his college sweetheart, Hannah Fluet, with a wedding date to be determined. Andrew, 22, graduated from the University of Mary Washington (my alma mater) in May with degrees in history and philosophy. He is living at home and starting a new job.

 After dropping out of the full-time, permanent workforce for several years to get the guys through high school and into college, I have been working at the Department of Homeland Security since spring 2007 where I direct the departmentís internal communication function in the headquarters office of public affairs. Itís a challenging place to work on several levels, but Iím making some contributions to the departmentís continued development. For instance, I led internal communicators across the departmentís components in the creation of an employee crisis communication plan and led the development and launch of a new intranet site, Connect. With 230,000 desktops, it is one of the largest intranet sites in the .gov domain.

 Charlie has been semi-retired since late in 2008, getting a well-deserved rest from being the familyís sole breadwinner. He continues to do consulting work, particularly in the energy sector, where his marketing and branding expertise are so well regarded that engagements reach out to him. He also gardens, trying to keep the plants alive amidst the heat wave and drought. We just returned from visiting Ben in Colorado , spend time in Maine each summer and have traveled to Paris and Jamaica , both of which we love.Ē

Nill Toulme

2000 Entry: Greetings to all my old friends from McLean. Sorry I can't be there with you. What memories just from going down the list of names! I'm still a lawyer in Atlanta, married to Donna for 17 years, kids Matt 14, Natalie 11,
Laura 8, John 5, Josie the dog and Bosco the cat. Come see us!

Love and kisses to all, Nil

2015 Entry: Hello old friends.  Wish I could be there with you, but I have a non-cancelable date with a big trout in Montana.  I'll be thinking about you while I'm standing in the river waving a stick.

I spent 30 years in a big law firm here in Atlanta and retired.  Shortly thought better of that and went back to work seven years ago for Habitat for Humanity International, where I am Deputy General Counsel Ė U.S.  It's a lot more fun than being in a law firm.

Four grown kids, no grandchildren yet.  Lots of cats who keep my wife Donna occupied and entertained.

Come see us.  Love and kisses to all, Nill 

Roz Thomas

1995 Entry: Roz Thomas (aka Rosalind) lives now in Delmar, New York. After graduating William and Mary, and grad school at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Public Health, I worked for 14 years at UNC-CH, as faculty member/Director of the Community Service Program in Health Education/Health Behavior. Since 1989, Iíve been with the New York State Department of Health, primarily developing interactive multimedia projects to educate the public about various health issues. This includes software related to HIV/AIDS prevention (CD-ROM for children/two educational games for high-risk youth) and outreach computer kiosks related to the environmental health issue of radon. A new project focuses on using various distance learning technologies (computers, videoconferencing, Internet/WWW) in training health professionals. My husband, David Strogatz, is on the faculty (Epidemiology) at SUNY-Albany. Weíve got two great kids (Lindsey-12, Scott-8).

2000 Entry: My work has continued to focus on developing multimedia software, kiosks and other healh education projects for the New York State Health Department. I've been very involved in a federally funded STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, collaborating with nine other Centers across the country on distance learning (satellite broadcasts, web-based and CD-ROM training). I'm in the Public Affairs Group-- which gets involved in educating the public on public health crises/issues ranging from West Nile virus- to water contamination- to bat rabies! My husband, David Strogatz, is Chair for the Department of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health here, and would very much like to shed the administrative mantle and return his focus to his research (cardiovascular epidemiology). He's long overdue for sabbatical--which I hope will take us to an interesting place one of these years Our daughter, Lindsay, heading for her senior year in high
school, is currently on a month-long bike trip in Ireland. She's a guitarist (acoustic, bass, electric), has travelled all over the east coast
(and beyond) to hear bands/musicians she respects (with either  mother or father in tow initially-- now takes the train to NYC on her own-yikes!), hosts a small music website, volunteers quite a lot. She has hated high school, but excelled nonetheless. Probably no need to tell you she's very independent-- we're just trying to follow along as she forges ahead in her college search . Our son Scott, 13, is an avid soccer and basketball player, on travel teams which keep us on the road a lot.. He's a horn player (trumpet), in both the school and stage band, is a wonderful storyteller, and has a great sense of humor and enthusiasm for life. He's also a denizen of popular culture-- every advertiser's dream-- the music, the clothes, the fads. I play the role of the out-of-touch Mom (having him read, making him go with me to Jacob's Pillow this summer for modern dance--all to a great deal of protest). Ah, adolescence. The other signature event since the last reunion has been my mother's illness-- metastatic melanoma --that has taken us through one lung surgery, and two brain surgeries--with my Mom still hanging on (slightly). It's a terrible disease, and it's been very hard to be so far away at such an important
time (they live in Northwest Arkansas). It's brought my siblings close together , and been a time of treasuring short amounts of time together, identifying thousands of faces in old family photographs and learning the stories behind decades old memorabilia (with discoveries ranging from my Mom's notes from the flying club when she was in officer training for the Navy at Smith College, to the discovery of a lifetime of family events chronicled in her poetry.) So goes life's passage for me.

2010 Entry:  In terms of work, Iím still at the NYS Health Department, now as a Research Scientist in the AIDS Institute Ė working on various STD and HIV prevention research/evaluation projects, including social marketing/media campaigns, Am also very involved with our STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers funded by CDC (with the current big project a national e-learning curriculum for partner services). My new adventure in life is dragon boating. Iím on a team called Hope in the Boat Ė a breast cancer survivors team (check out our website: We practice at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers, with multiple families of eagles nesting nearby and soaring overhead. Weíre actually heading up to Canada this June for the International Festival in Peterborough, where weíll race other teams from around the world. Family wise Ė weíll be splitting our time between Albany and Cooperstown (on Lake Otsego), as my husband David has just taken a job at Bassett Healthcare Research Institute. Itís also home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, for all of you that are baseball fans). Itís amazing looking back at where we were with parenting at my last entry. Our daughter Lindsay has since graduated from McGill (in Montreal), lived in China for almost 2 years, and is now working in Cambridge, MA (Harvard Yenching Institute). Our son Scott graduated from U. of Michigan last May, and is living in NYC, reverse commuting to New Jersey, working for a company called RMS Ė that involves some type of risk modeling (heís still trying to explain it to us!) Both seem happy, and itís great to have them nearby. I wonít be able to make the reunion this year, but look forward to seeing others updates and life stories.

2015 Entry:  We're now full time in Cooperstown, NY. Instead of downsizing as would be logical, we bought a 100 year old Victorian right in the village (with a great round front porch, a few blocks from the lake and Baseball Hall of Fame). Visitors always welcome! David is still at Bassett (Center for Rural Community Health Research), but I retired in April. While I still plan to do some public health consulting, it's fun to have time to pursue other interests (glass, gardening, experimenting with free form ice sculptures and ice mobiles in our very long, very cold Winter). Still dragon boating with my team in Albany in Summer, and we just learned the next international IBCPC dragon boat competition is in Florence Italy in 2018. I hope to stay healthy and keep that up, in spite of the almost two hour commute to practice. Our team's first international was in Canada, and we paddled last year at the international race in Sarasota, so going to Italy will really be something to look forward to (and train hard for). Our kids are doing well...and nearby in Boston and New York City. Hope to see many of you at the reunion!

Irene Urist

1990 Entry: AKA Barbara Irene Urist Petty

I Moved to California after attending McLean and graduated from UCSD as a biology major. Attended medical school in Mexico and after Residency in Pediatrics, opened up my own practice in Pediatrics in Orange County, California. I married a Resident in Psychiatry who also has a private practice. Our household includes my youngest stepdaughter who is applying to Law School as well as my 15 month and 4 1/2 year old boys.

Heidi (Urner) Rabinowitz

1995 Entry: We still live in Herndon, Va. My husband, Stu, is now a computer program manager for EG & G Dynatrovol. I am a senior computer scientist for Computer Sciences Corporation. We both continue to play competitive tennis and other sports. Our daughters, Heather and Nicole, now 11 and 9, are busy with travel soccer and swim teams. Their step-brother Sam is now 21, and studying to be a vet in California. Two cats make up the rest of the household. Greetings and best wishes to classmates!

2000 Entry: Greetings to fellow Highlanders, (I'm part Scottish), from Oak Hill, (formerly known as Herndon), Va.! Our family is to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary with a 2 week family vacation right after the reunion to Spain and Morocco. Stu and I are still busy in computers (Unisys and TRW), sports (tennis, racquetball, and skiing), and chauffeuring our 2 daughters and their friends to school, sport (track, soccer, and basketball) and social activities. Hard to believe that next year we will have 2 teenage daughters in high school. Heather (16) will be a junior and Nicole (14) will be a freshman)! See you all at the reunion.

2005 Entry: Due to family vacation plans in Mexico, I won't be at the 35th reunion, but I wish everyone health and happiness. 

I had several serious health scares (cancer), operations to remove several problems, and a variety of health challenges this past year, but I am on the mend now.  After several months of physical therapy to recover from skiing accident, I am now on the tennis courts and golf course again, but mobility and speed still need a lot of improvement.

Husband Stu is still at Unisys, and I am now at Northrop due to its merger with TRW.  Both daughters - Heather (21 and upcoming senior) and Nicole (19 and upcoming sophomore) - are doing well as business marketing majors at JMU in Harrisonburg, VA

Tim Van Epp

1990 Entry: Married 10 years to Barbara Wong; A daughter, Marissa, 5 years old; After Duke and Penn, worked in Philadelphia & NYC before moving back to DC area in Ď81; Environmental consultant - Barbara too; Tennis still my favorite sport

Jack Vico

1990 Entry: I graduated in 1974 from GMU with a BA in Psychology & in 1978 with a M. Ed. in Agency Guidance & Counseling. I worked for 9 years in the Mental Health field before changing careers. I am currently a Sr. Programmer/Analyst with the Washington Gas Light Co. I was married in 1974 and Beth and I have 7 year-old identical twin girls, Katie & Laura, and a 15 month-old son, Nicholas. We all reside in Sterling, Va.

Patricia Vincent

1990 Entry: Living in Dallas, Texas. Iím an Account Executive for Borghese Cosmetics. Worked at Neiman Marcus for 12 years. Married to a British man, who works for Neiman Marcus.

Laurie (Walker) Severs

2000 Entry: In my real life over the last 20 years, I have gone to college, University of Central Florida, and obtained my teaching degree, Specific Learning Disabilities,K-12. I teach middle school, of all things, but find I like that age group. I teach science to kids with learning disabilities and emotional handicaps. I certainly never anticipated teaching junior-high aged kids, but I like it a lot. My oldest child is 26 years old, and she lives in Orlando. I spend as much
time with her as possible. My 15-year old is having a pretty rough time right now, but is certainly trying to keep us on track! I am spending my spare time
right now taking care of my Mom and writing letters to whoever will listen about drug and alcohol abuse education etc.

Bill Watts

1990 Entry: Alive and well in San Antonio, Texas. Happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. After not getting one call from any Pro basketball team, I became an academic and received Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology. Decided to form a management consulting firm (nobody would hire me!) If you see my new book in the bookstore, please buy it...I need the money!

2000 Entry: Business: With a partner I co-founded Ranger Aerospace which owns aviation services operations in 56 cities in North America and Europe.
We are a value adding management and investment company, creating shareholder returns through innovative leadership, quality enhancements, and aggressive acquisitions, all aimed at top tier segment consolidation in selected aviation services businesses.
Personal: Married, four wonderful daughters, three barking, trash eating large dogs, live in Greenville, SC. I pump iron, run, ride Harleys and occasionally write professional articles.

Betsy (Wilson) Kuzmuk

2000 Entry: Fairfax County 3rd grade teacher, four kids, Girl Scout leader.

Paul Wright

1995 Entry: Life after the 20th... Getting asked to leave the hotel at 4:30 in the morning made me think that nothing really changes when it comes to old friends (except possibly our waistlines & the color of our hair). Since 1990, Debbie and I moved to Colorado, had a beautiful daughter we named Erika Leigh, moved back to Virginia and now live in Alexandria. I still have my own remodeling & design company, which keeps me plenty busy. Debbie has 23 years as a flight attendant with US Air, which keeps her very busy. And our full time job just turned 2 in June. Iím looking forward to the 25th Reunion and to see again just how none of us has really changed.

2015 Entry:   I'm looking forward to our upcoming reunion. It's always great seeing everyone and always fun to see someone who makes it for the first time.  Since my last post in 1995 a lot has changed !  I still live in the house on Baldwin Dr. , but have been divorced from Debbie since 1995 !!  I gained custody of Erika in 1996 and I am  happy to say I have a beautiful 21 year old "daddy's girl!!"

I'm still in the residential design / build business and hold a VA class A contractors license.  Still riding the Harley and have been to many fun and far away places !!  I've seen many old friends on Facebook but honestly it's not my thing , so I am looking forward to seeing those "old "friends this summer !! 

Scott Ziebell

1990 Entry: Happily married, father of 2 children. The hardest working truck driver Iíve ever seen.

1995 Entry: Beverly and I have been married 14 years. Travis & Emily are 12 and 11. We have a dog and raise parakeets. We still live in Harrisburg, PA. I drive big trucks at night and Beverly is a school nurse. Life is grand.

2000 Entry: We are still married after almost 19 years. We have a boy and girl ages 17 and 16. We raise parakeets and cockatiels and a big dog. I still drive a tractor trailer at night and Beverly is still a school nurse. Life is good and politics stinks. But as for now, life goes on.


2005 Entry: Semi-retired and living at the beach!...